Silencing the Majority

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I really get exasperated reading the drivel in the Washington Post. Of course it is not the Washington Post‘s fault, they are only the conduit for secularist liberal socialists.

Like the letters to the editor in the Washington Post - Loudoun Extra today [September 29, 2005]. One is anti-Dick Black, one is anti-Jerry Kilgore, one is pro-illegal immigration, and one is pro-gay. (Sorry, no online links).

They know half the population feels differently, yet they have 100% leftist coverage today.

I cannot believe they had no letters supporting conservative values and positions. If they had none, shame on us conservatives for not writing more letters. If they had some, shame on them. I know it is frustrating to write letters that do not get published. However, we need to step it up a notch. If we do nothing, evil wins.

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Joe Budzinski said:

It seems amazing, but there is a contingent that watches the Post for bias in the other direction:

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