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Brief update

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I am in an exotic, secure, work-related location with the WORST Internet access in the world, despite paying over $220 a night for my room.

Consequently, I do not have the means to respond to the thoughtful comment left to this post.

The commenter makes some good points and I intend to address them as soon as I can make it back to the 21st century.

Window on the Left

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I don't think it up; I just report it.

From today's Democratic Underground:

Pope John Paul II believed Bush was the anti-Christ

He reportedly said so numberous times to various cardinals. While I don't know as I believe in an anti-Christ, if there is one I'm sure he's on the same side as Bush.

Bush's philosophy is certainly anti-Christian (as in the opposite of what Christ taught) and we need to counteract the lies told by his anti-Christian ministers (who also teach the opposite of what Christ taught).

...with a link to this article (brace yourself)

Also enlightening are these threads (scroll down in each to get the full flavor of who the other side is):

Venezuela Warns: Bush Is the True Atomic Threat

Either Republicans are Racist or We are Being Played Big Time!

If you know what WILL happen next week then there is no excuse BE PREPARED

Does Bush believe in God? Or has he just been hustling the religious right?

If you aren't familiar with the thinking of the rank-and-file 'progressives,' you can't understand the cultural struggle in America today.

Liberal means progressive. Progressive means changing the future. Change to a progressive liberal is the successful eradication of all things conservative. I am a conservative in case you had not guessed. I do not feel we should eradicate all things liberal. I too love the birds and the bunnies and the fish and the forests and clean air and clear water. I am against discrimination by race or religion or national origin. I believe we all benefit by helping the poor and infirmed. Etc. etc.

But, I have some questions of progressive liberals:

Why do you insist on killing babies for convenience?

Why do you support deviant sexual behavior and expect me to also support it?

Why do you insist on sex training for grade school children?

Why do you prevent parents from knowing about their own children’s pregnancies and abortions?

Why do you want God out of the public square?

Why do you love the animals more than people?

Why do you want more government control in all our lives?

Why do you fear and distain competition?

Why do you despise capitalism?

Why do you support frivolous lawsuits?

Why do you perpetuate the politics of envy between the rich and the poor?

Why do you love other countries cultures over our own?

Why do you fear religion?

Why do you want to make self-defense illegal?

Why do you not want to try everything possible to improve our schools?

I have this feeling that you do not even know the answers to these questions yourself. Oh, you have a few catch phrases wrapped in some sort of idea of utopia and idealism, sprinkled with comments about greed, racism and unfairness. But those do not wash. Please think introspectively and think your positions (listed above) through to their logical conclusion. Please understand the cumulative impact of the unintended consequences. If you do that, I believe you will become a staunch conservative with a foundation of logical liberal philosophy to maintain balance and help our country survive. Survival is optional. We need your help.

God Bless America, please.

May I remind you separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. This is a construct of the “Church of Progressive Secularism”. By the way Atheism is a religion, Agnosticism is a religion, Environmentalism is a religion and diversity is a religion, as are Islamism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc, etc.

Citizens of this country have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. This country was founded on Christian principles and values. These are not only still valid today, they are needed more than ever.

I heard a quote the other day that rings true to me. “Laws do not make Good people. Laws only control Bad people. The Gospel can make Bad people Good!”

Back to the fictitious separation of church and state. It was only mentioned in a letter from Thomas Jefferson years after our Constitution was ratified.

Our government was designed to be run by “Godly” people. Remove God from the government and the public square and we will then get the arbitrary bureaucratic anarchy we then deserve.

Why this sudden fear of religion? All the religions I mentioned above thrived without government imposed rules for religion. Now the enemy is within and cheered on (and probably supported) by the enemies beyond our borders.
Why are we allowing this to happen? Under the guise of diversity, we are constricting religion so we do not offend anyone!! There is no right in this country to not being offended!!

Pay attention to who is tearing down our country’s culture. What is their background? What is their heritage? Who is supporting them and why? Tearing down our culture is not the way to improve it.

God Bless America, please.

...then please go read Thomas Sowell's column at TownHall.com:

Before we can judge how the President played his hand, we have to consider what kind of hand he had to play. It was a weak hand -- and the weakness was in the Republican Senators.
Read all of it; as usual, Sowell shines the much-needed light of rationality - on a situation many conservatives may be misinterpreting. It may not leave you feeling particularly good about the national GOP, but if you are a realist you will appreciate having the facts.

Ozone is good. Junk science says it is bad. Anything in excess is bad; however ozone is Mother Nature’s cleanser. Ozone breaks down pollutants. The more pollutants there are in the air, the more ozone is created to cleanse it. In that sense it can be an indicator of the presence and level of pollutants.

It is more like your blood pressure that indicates there is a problem. Reducing blood pressure does not cure the problem. You still need blood pressure to get healing oxygen to the site of the problem in your body.

We need ozone to cleanse the air. It is an oxidant. The weather reporters on TV are fuelling the junk science by not explaining ozone as an indicator. They say 'ozone pollution' because it is easier than referring to the chemical soup that comprises air pollution. Ozone is created by sunshine and is not pollution. Be happy it is here.

New Supreme Court Nomination

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At the outset the discussion over this seems like a rorschach test: No one knows much about Harriet Miers so there is much projection going on.

On the conservative side, so far, there are sure a lot of fears. More here. Much more at this left-wing Web site.

Note: She donated to the Gore campaign in 1988.

On the other hand, since then she appears to have been on the correct team.

On the liberal side, much of the reaction is about what you'd expect. Bottom line: most of them are not too happy either.

In the first three hours after the announcement, then, it appears 1). Bush is going to finally lose his 'base' completely over this nomination, and 2). The Left will fight it tooth and nails. This President just can't catch a break sometimes, can he?

We'll just have to see what the world's greatest deliberative body does with it. The entire upcoming drama is going to be entertaining because we know both 1 and 2 above cannot be sensible positions. Someone is going to scream bloody murder and then sort of have to take it back somewhere down the road once the story is fully told.

It is interesting how much pent-up fear and disappointment on the right has been unleashed in such a short time with so little information.

UPDATE: Commenter Charles notes:

Regarding her donation to the Gore campaign, I heard she donated more to the republicans. Some people feel it is politically wise to donate to both sides. I do not, but consider that before jumping to the conclusion that she is a liberal. We want a constitutionalist, not an ideologue.

To which I would add, up until the late 1980s Al Gore was still pro-life.

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