Getting Rid of Ozone is Stupid

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Ozone is good. Junk science says it is bad. Anything in excess is bad; however ozone is Mother Nature’s cleanser. Ozone breaks down pollutants. The more pollutants there are in the air, the more ozone is created to cleanse it. In that sense it can be an indicator of the presence and level of pollutants.

It is more like your blood pressure that indicates there is a problem. Reducing blood pressure does not cure the problem. You still need blood pressure to get healing oxygen to the site of the problem in your body.

We need ozone to cleanse the air. It is an oxidant. The weather reporters on TV are fuelling the junk science by not explaining ozone as an indicator. They say 'ozone pollution' because it is easier than referring to the chemical soup that comprises air pollution. Ozone is created by sunshine and is not pollution. Be happy it is here.

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william said:

totally agree, ive healed many people with oxygen ozone, cleanses and repairs

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