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The Liberals on the Judicial Committee thought they had Judge Alito for sure when they referred to the alumni organization that Judge Alito joined when he graduated from Princeton. The magazine of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton had a quote that Senator Kennedy (the ever partisan protector of the little lemming voters in Massachusetts) was upset over and screeched his displeasure in the direction of Judge Alito.

The actual quote from one article - which has, since, been revealed to be satire - is:

People nowadays just don't seem to know their place. Everywhere one turns, blacks and Hispanics are demanding jobs simply because they're black and Hispanic, the physically handicapped are trying to gain equal representation in professional sports, and homosexuals are demanding that government vouchsafe them the right to bear children.

The Liberal tactic is to take these issue positions and damn them by misquoting, and the use of indignant and condescending innuendos. I happen to believe, nonetheless, the quote is right on! My take on this is as follows:

First: I do not believe Blacks, Hispanics or anyone else should be given jobs because of their skin color or nationality. Neither they nor whites should be discriminated against. If these minority groups really want to end discrimination, they should support equal opportunity for all. They should not seek retribution or restitution for wrongs done to their ancestors from those of us whites who have neither owned slaves nor practiced discrimination. The more they insist on doing so, they successfully breed more white bigots. The cycle will continue as long as the blacks let their bigoted black leaders lead them down the current path. Nonetheless the quote is accurate.

Second: The physically handicapped have actual limitations that they and others must accept and deal with in the best manner possible. A paraplegic cannot be on an NFL football team. It is fine to create Special Olympics and other venues to help improve the quality of life for people with handicaps. Nonetheless the quote is accurate.

Third: The government needs to stay out of endorsing the behaviors of Homosexuals. I believe the best family unit is the marriage of a man and a woman wherein they raise children. That should be the only government endorsement of family. It is for the purpose of continuing the population of the planet. I recognize there are all sorts of other circumstances wherein children are conceived and raised. So be it, but do not ask the Government to endorse them. At most it should be a child welfare issue of local government institutions set up the do the best for children, parents and other needy folks.

Mick Staton wins primary

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This is promising for the GOP in Virginia:

Sugarland Run District Supervisor Mick Staton glided to victory in the Republican Party’s canvass today, almost doubling the votes of the second-place finisher.

Staton, 35, now faces Democrat Mark Herring in a 33rd Senatorial District special election that will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 31....

Suzanne Volpe, the chairwoman of the committee that organized the canvass, said this process saved Loudoun and Fairfax counties $50,000.

"None of this would have been possible without the volunteers," she said, thanking the approximately 50 people who helped with the party canvass.

Upon hearing he lost, Minchew, a local land use attorney and chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, shook Staton’s hand and told him he had his support.

"Now let’s beat Mark Herring," he told Staton.

Later, Minchew said his message during his short campaign—his first effort at seeking an elected office—was "Republican unity."

Note: Mick Staton will be a guest speaker at the Feb. 7 novatownhall.com meeting in Leesburg.

January 3, 2006 NOVA TownHall Meeting Recaps

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We had some informative events last week. The recaps are here.

There was a hearing in Leesburg last week, and this is a speech made by one of the NOVA TownHall folks to a group of Virginia lawmakers:

My Speech to Virginia Senators and Delegates

Good evening. I am here to talk about something that is being made politically incorrect. The Alien Invasion of Illegal Immigration! The government is choosing to not enforce our immigration laws. They will pay dearly in the next elections. Middle class America is fed-up. Americans will also pay dearly. Some already have.

I would like to make several points:

1. Force Enforcement! Fund and enable the Immigration Control enforcement. Local police have the power to do so. They got it from the 1996 Immigration Law. Police can be trained by the Attorney Generals office. They should be arresting and deporting Illegals.

2. Purge the voter roles of Illegal Aliens! They get Matricula Consular cards from the Mexican Consulates. This allows them to open bank accounts, rent houses, get home loans and ultimately get on the voter roles.

3. Recognize jobs are being lost! Migrant workers have been around long before the problem became critical. Middle class jobs are being lost. Master carpenters can get very little work since the are greatly underbid. The same for electricians. They are invading skilled labor and the jobs being taken are higher and higher up the economic ladder

4. Understand Illegals will cause a shift in Congressional seats by the 2020 Census! 3000 illegals each day, 365 days a year are crossing the Arizona border in one small valley alone. And they are coming to Herndon and the 540 area code. They find evidence of this in the trash they leave behind.

5. We need to penalize employers and contractors who hire illegals!! Take pictures, take names, assess fines. Get rid of the day labor sites!!

And I haven’t even mentioned crime and drugs and terrorists etc.

6. Terrorists are continuing to arrive daily. There's an area in South America where terrorists are traind in how to blend in with Mexicans to cross the border and how to blend in in America. Al Qiada, Hamas, and others are there. There have been prayer rugs and Qa’rans found abandoned in Arizona. They continue to come. These and the other illegal are transported to the border by bus and the commercial airline in Mexico.

Finally I hope you can withstand the coming onslaught by the illegals lobby, media, ACLU, the banking industry and others who benefit.

This illegal invasion is a cancer on our culture and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer.

Thank you and good luck!

Divine retribution

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Pat Robertson says Sharon's stroke is God's punishment for giving up Israeli territory.

I wonder if Pat Robertson might actually be God's punishment on America for making CSI the top-rated television show.

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