Mick Staton wins primary

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This is promising for the GOP in Virginia:

Sugarland Run District Supervisor Mick Staton glided to victory in the Republican Party’s canvass today, almost doubling the votes of the second-place finisher.

Staton, 35, now faces Democrat Mark Herring in a 33rd Senatorial District special election that will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 31....

Suzanne Volpe, the chairwoman of the committee that organized the canvass, said this process saved Loudoun and Fairfax counties $50,000.

"None of this would have been possible without the volunteers," she said, thanking the approximately 50 people who helped with the party canvass.

Upon hearing he lost, Minchew, a local land use attorney and chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, shook Staton’s hand and told him he had his support.

"Now let’s beat Mark Herring," he told Staton.

Later, Minchew said his message during his short campaign—his first effort at seeking an elected office—was "Republican unity."

Note: Mick Staton will be a guest speaker at the Feb. 7 novatownhall.com meeting in Leesburg.

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Jill Forlines said:

Why on Earth did this Staton victory qualify as "promising for the GOP of Virginia"? It was anything but that. Mr. Staton is a good Loudoun Board member, but was the Republican candidate most likely to lose, which he did by even greater margins in his home precinct in the Sugarland Run District than did his father-in-law, Dick Black, back in the Fall.

Well, with the benefit of knowing the Jan 31 result, we can now say Staton's primary victory obviously was not so promising.
The original post after the primary was meant to note Mick seemed the most conservative candidate - and anything that makes the GOP of Virginia more conservative would be a good thing, in my opinion.
In terms of electability, Staton clearly left something to be desired.
So, good point, and thanks for writing. It seems the local GOP has some work to do. The magnitude of Staton's loss was a wake-up call.

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