A NOVA Townhall Blog Administrative Update

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NOVA Townhall is pleased to announce that we’ve joined the Old Dominion Blog Alliance (via Commonwealth Conservative) and the Guard the Borders blog roll. Please check out some of the other members of both of these communities- there is some great stuff there!

I am also pleased to report that we’ve won an award on the Too Conservative blog. I for one take it as a compliment that we’ve been listed as “Worst Blog” for our true Northern Virginia conservative commentary and were referred to as the “mouthpiece for the Group B crew” (TC’s apparent distinction for conservatives who don’t fully embrace his specific argument for GOP success through moderates). We will wear this award as a badge of honor. Although I must point out I think it’s a little childish and petty to provide a link to every other blog given an "award" but refrain from linking to ours because we often disagree… if you’re going to make a judgment about a blog (in my opinion) you should provide a link to let readers check it out for themselves- call it a principle of fairness if you will.

In the coming days NOVA Townhall will be adding some new bloggers who are well connected to the Virginia political scene, so check back soon!

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HA! That is priceless. I think it deserves a plaque or something. It sure did not take long, either! I'm not overly familiar with the TC deal, but to have earned their enmity so quickly we must have ticked somebody off. Well, guess we'll have to find a whole NEW set of friends...I'll work on the plaque.

Sophrosyne said:

Haha, fantastic!

Mom said:

If the award is from TC might I suggest a "Bobblehead" instead of a plaque since TC's head goes in so many different and often times antithetical directions.

Sophrosyne said:

I just don't understand his apparent vendetta... sure he likes more liberal candidates than we do but it seems his whole argument (or at least the most comprehensible part) is that solid conservatives are "all or nothing people" and refuse to work with moderates to ensure GOP power, thus presuming more liberal Republicans aren’t “all or nothing” people and are willing to work with conservatives. Yet he repeatedly spits in the eye of principled conservatives and attacks them every chance he gets while singing praises for Governor Kaine's tax hike plan? I can't keep up with the inconsistencies.

Norman said:

Welcome to the ODBA.

As for Vince not liking your blog, now that your are part of the alliance, he will at least have to provide you with a link.

Sophrosyne said:

Thanks Norman, muchas gracias.

Sophrosyne said:

Note the new plaque Joe made in the upper left of the blog...

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