And the worst shall be last...

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First off, I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point. It's one thing to run a blog for months and get virtually zero traffic, then have the zero become a barely discernable trickle, and then out of that trickle to gain the people's ovation and fame forever.

Most of all, I want to thank Sophrosyne, who has ramped up the productivity on this blog to heretofore unknown levels.

Without further ado, then on behalf of Sophrosyne and all the wonderful folks at NOVA TownHall: We gratefully, humbly and not-a-little-quizzically accept:


Honestly, I don't know if I've ever been involved with a 'worst' of anything before, although I've given it a good shot. One of my first dates in the 1970s consisted of me taking this girl out for a drive in my 1964 Buick around Annandale and Springfield while I sold subscriptions to The Journal newspaper. She was horribly overdressed for the occasion, and therefore had no interest in the Red Hot Bean Burritos and six-pack of tall boys I picked up at 7-11 along the way. I have to think she had worse dates than that one, though.

Being bestowed the award by a blogger who I'm pretty sure knows almost nothing about this Web site is also quite the unexpected bit of luck. If he or she did delve very far into our work product here, I have little doubt we'd be relegated to the unenviable category of "fair-to-middlin'" with all the other blogging schmucks.

Yet here we stand, alone, at the very bottom of the hierarchy - which is, by the way, second only to the very top in terms of easy accessibility: The nadir and the zenith, we two, like peas in a pod.

So whenever you want a quick read you can rely on for consistency of quality if nothing else, take a hint from Too Conservative - the man (or woman) who lives in Virginia (or one of the surrounding counties), who has been blogging for anywhere from one month to seven years, with interests ranging from...well, I'm stuck on that one because Too Conservative happens to be an individual I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT except he/she thinks this is the worst blog on the Internet.

Whoever it is, I would like to know a little more about how exactly we earned this, scratch that. It's the first blogging award I've been a part of and I'm keepin' it! Please, Mr/Mrs TC, investigate us no further, your work here is done. For a 'Worst' blog we've already got about all the traffic we deserve.

UPDATE: The mystery appears to be solved. Read the comments.

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Mom said:

If you operate under the assumption that TC resides in some alternate universe, then being at the bottom of his hierarchy could be viewed as actually occupying the highest echelon in the real universe.

novamiddleman said:

I posted this on TC already but here it goes again

For Republicans to have a chance in NoVA we need ALL republicans and a sizeable chunk of independents and conservative democrats

Mom and Middleman,

Thanks for the comments!

I'm figuring the whole brouhaha must be rooted in some weird incident or misunderstanding and eventually we'll all be one big happy clan of Virginians. It's something to have some fun with in the meantime...

RE: our political hopes; I agree. The last two elections in NOVA showed the other side is well organized. Now if our side could just agree what the most important issues are to the average voter...

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