Piling on the GOP for the sheer fun of it?

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A semi-retraction may be in order. I was in a bit of a huff when I wrote this post the other day denouncing the Republican Party and pledging henceforth to starve it unmercifully by cutting off the several hundred dollars I usually give each year, burning my "Halliburton Right or Wrong" sweatshirt and removing the "W - Still the President. HA HA HA HA HA!" bumper sticker from my SUV.

Sometimes it just feels good to be ticked off.

After reading the post by Sophrosyne on the news SCOTUS would review a lower-court ruling that has blocked enforcement of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, the point did strike home that 'elections matter.'

Then, on the Dubai port issue, I was initially impressed by the fact our President is unapologetic about supporting the deal.

I was impressed in the sense of, "Boy, he's impressive even when he's dead wrong!"

But after reading a bunch of information posted on the excellent Blogs of War, I did experience a nagging doubt. The doubt said to me: "Joe, you don't actually know one single thing about the United Arab Emirates, yet you are ready to burn your Halliburton shirt?"

I strongly urge everyone to take the opportunity to read John Little's post and get educated.

As I've gotten older, I really haven't gotten any smarter, just a lot better at admitting how dumb I am.

Now, I would not mind terribly to be proven wrong in this case by being proven right on that previous post. (And I think I've set myself up for a small victory here no matter what happens, which is nice.) But whether right or wrong on Dubai, I'm pretty confident abandoning the GOP makes no sense at all.

On a related note, with reference to the local scene...[more, below the fold]

A meme is circulating that says 'Loudoun County is becoming more liberal,' evidenced by the Staton and Kilgore losses in these precincts...the "Fairfax-ification" of Loudoun. I'm not remotely tuned in to local politics, but I have heard others speak about a purportedly ideological basis for this: The Virginia GOP is drifting dangerously to the left and the voters won't vote Republican - or turn out to the polls - unless the Party rediscovers its philosophical bearings.

I asked Eugene 'Wild Man' Delgaudio about this a couple weeks ago and he replied that the notion is, essentially, nonsense. (Don't get me wrong: the 'Wild Man' moniker is an expression of solidarity.) He said the sole reason the GOP is struggling in these parts is because of a lack of soldiers. The other side is just way better organized.

While Delgaudio is, in my book, a great American, I didn't know if he was correct. Then, after reading this editorial in the Loudoun Independent, I'm thinking maybe the truth is as simple as he claims:

A fellow called up the other day raising cain because last week we printed only letters in support of Mark Herring in Tuesday’s election...

As was explained to the gentleman, every single letter submitted that week supported Herring. Not one asked readers to vote for Mick Staton...

We offer a public forum. We print letters, usually until we run out of space. There were no Staton letters left over. There were some leftover Herring letters that would not fit. So do not blame us for printing letters opposing your candidates. Get on the stick and write some yourself.

I don't want to over-generalize here, but one gets a mental image of a bunch of cranky conservatives sitting back and griping about the direction of the Republican Party while the liberals, in turn, proceed to eat their lunch. Check that: our lunch. I'm as big a part of the problem as anyone.

There are, indeed, important issues about which our GOP leaders deserve to be spanked along with many other elected officials. I'm slogging through another post on the topic of border security which, if ever completed, will attempt to do just that. But I pledge to wield the paddle intelligently in the future.

William James is one of my two favorite philosophers. The pragmatic argument for working for change within the Republican Party rather than tearing it down seems like the only wise course of action.

Wherefore, then, the senseless rant, the ill-conceived critique? Can I commit to sunshine-and-daisies messages from here on out; in short, a personality overhaul?

Another blogger states one of his rules is "if I can’t find anything good to say, I keep my mouth shut… " I respect that commitment, and the world would be a better place if more people practiced it. But, personally, I think that's just crazy talk.

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Eric said:

... yeah, crazy talk... but I don't do politics.. so it's easier for me...

.. thanks, man...

Thanks for being a bright spot in the blogosphere, dude.

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