All-or-Nothing GOP Moderates Attack PA’s Conservative Senator

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All too often liberal-leaning moderate Republicans savagely accuse principled conservative Republicans of not being supportive of more liberal Republican nominees and elected officials. In doing so it is naturally assumed that these moderates don’t practice this heinous behavior of placing values and principles before party and that they of course support all solid conservative Republican nominees and elected officials. After all it is only those “far right” pro-life anti-tax crazies that are “all or nothing” people, right?

Well there was a story in the American Spectator a few days ago that went right to the heart of this question- it seems the hypocrisy of the moderates runs quite deep. The story discusses how the self-proclaimed moderate Republican Majority for Choice (RMC) is launching a nasty attack on incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.

The RMC launched its “National Campaign to Challenge Far Right-Wing over Direction of Party” by taking out huge ads in every major daily newspaper in Pennsylvania calling for “Real Republican Candidates for Senate” and ironically invoking Reagan’s Big Tent philosophy at the same time. Given that there is not enough time to collect the petition signatures needed by the March 7th deadline this is nothing more than the first salvo in a public attack on the conservative Republican incumbent.

Jennifer Blei Stockman, national co-chair of the RMC goes deeper into their attack on conservative Republicans, saying that:

"The ad is meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that we cannot continue electing candidates like Rick Santorum because he's not helping the party's image."

Stockman goes on to argue (much as the BlackOut “Republicans” did in attacking Delegate Dick Black in helping Poisson achieve victory this past November) that:

"We think there's a line that needs to be drawn between more extremist Republicans like Rick Santorum, who are there for more social issues, and the more important economic issues. He distracts from that agenda by bringing up these controversial issues. It confuses people as to where the Republican Party stands today."

Make no mistake about it- despite the typical spin coming from the GOP’s more moderate forces there is a war going on for the heart and soul of the Republican party and (some) conservative members of the Republican party aren't the only “all or nothing” people.

The one thing Stockman said that I think has any value is her sentence that this battle over principles "confuses people as to where the Republican Party stands today" (although I am sure that isn't precisely what she meant). We're going to continue to have difficulty winning elections if we collectively stand for less and less.

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Charles said:

I like to point out that it is these conservatives (who are supposedly diluting the message) who can be counted on the most to stand up for all those other principles that are supposedly "hurt" by their moral positions.

In other words, the moderate complaint would may have some merit if the moderates weren't out pushing for bigger government and tax increases.

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