Arlington County GOP Election Saturday

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The election of County Republican Chairman in the "People's Republic of Arlington" is this Saturday from 10-2 at Lyons Community Center. For those unaware the current vice-chairman Jeff Miller is running for Chairman effectively as an incumbent who will carry forward the current Committee activities in Arlington while Landey Patton is running as a conservative outsider who intends to open decision making and policy direction to all in the Committee (the current leadership rarely requests or accepts regular input from Committee members and shuns taking any kind of policy position as a party organization.)

Today Jeff Miller sent out an update, it's below the fold. It'll be interesting to see what happens and if the new Chairman will be able to shake things up deep in "enemy territory."

Dear Republican friend:

The canvass election for Arlington County Republican Chairman is this Saturday.
I want to update you on my campaign, and I hope I'll have your support on March

Over the past few weeks, I've spoken with active Republicans around the County.
It is encouraging to know that so many people care about our local party, and I
am gratified that many of you have decided to support me for County Chairman.

I look forward to the opportunity to lead our Committee, as we work to build our
party organization, support and elect qualified GOP candidates, and make our
party a stronger force in Arlington's civic and political life. That needs to
be a Republican team effort, with our County Committee members, our candidates,
our affiliate groups, precinct workers and other volunteers. I will work to
represent all of you.

Several people have asked about my priorities. I want to recruit, train and
support qualified GOP candidates for local office, to identify Republican
voters, and o get out the largest GOP vote for candidates at every levels. I
want to establish a broad-based Finance Commitee that can raise more funds for
party activities; to build a Republican presence at the neighborhood and
precinct level; to raise our party's visibility in Arlington, and to find
strategic allies as we work to break up one-party domination of County

I've set up a campaign website (, which reviews the
objectives I'll pursue if elected County Chairman, as well as my 10-year record
of service to the party here in Arlington, my service in the Reagan
Administration and with other Republican causes.

My website also includes a growing list of supporters -- dozens of County
Committee members. former candidates and other Republicani activists who are
supporting my campaign. I'm proud of this broad base of support, and I greatly
appreciate those who have given me their vote of confidence. If you'd like to
have your name added to that list, please let me know!

The campaign site also has questions and answers about the canvass election, and
a map showing the canvass location in Lyon Village, which I hope is useful

If you'd like to discuss the election for Chairman or your ideas to build the
Republican Party here in Arlington, please feel free to get in touch.

Finally, I want to remind you the race for Chairman is contested, so your vote
can make a difference. The canvass election will be held this Saturday, March
11, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Lyon Village Community House (1920 N. Highland
St.). I hope to see you there, and I look forward to working together in
advancing the Arlington GOP in the months ahead.

Yours in Republican victory,

Jeffrey Miller
Candidate for Arlington County Republican Chairman
Phone: 703-524-8930

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Craig said:

Ask the GOP chairman about keeping in touch with family.

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