Eminent Domain: Virginia & Red China

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Check out this story.

Obviously it’ll never get this bad in the Commonwealth… but with the General Assembly’s failure to pass true Eminent Domain legislation in a post Kelo world, this should help remind us of our newfound connection with the Chinese Communists.

Here is an excerpt:

Without an independent court system and unschooled in the ways of bureaucracy, the farmers fend for themselves against frequently corrupt local Communist Party officials with broad authority and powerful economic incentive to confiscate farmland to sell to developers.

It's pathetic that Senator Cuccinelli and Delegate Joannou were so alone when fighting to protect our property rights.

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Singleton said:

Most of the House Republican caucus wanted the Cuccinelli/Joannou bill to suceed. Attorney General McDonnell and our good friends in Senate were the real force behind the effort to water down the bill.

Sophrosyne said:

I hadn't heard McDonnell wanted to weaken the bill, do you know why?

Singleton said:

The housing industry and developers have deep pockets. I doubt anyone in state government didn't feel their pressure on this issue.

The sticking point from what I've heard are the redevelopment authorities that supposedly have the power to condemn a group of houses for economic development. The houses can taken if a majority are condemned including those houses that are in fine condition and occupied.

The backers of the bill written by Delegate Suit refused to make any concessions on this point and that's where the majority of the House GOP dug in their heels.

Sophrosyne said:

Very unfortunate

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