TC Defends Cuccinelli

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While I have to say I am (pleasantly) surprised... I see that Vince over at the recently purged Too Conservative blog has a post defending Senator Cuccinelli from the typical mindless liberal attacks. Good to see!

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Davis said:

It also looks like TC has taken the "Group B" label off the link to this site...makes me wonder who was actually running TC before the purging...

Or who is running it now. Although his defense of Ken wasn't that strong. I guess we need to be thankful for what we can get.

It was wierd how the others all seemed upset, except Mitch who was posting on TC defending everything Vincent did.

Sophrosyne said:

It all seems a bit odd but we'll see.

My theory is that TC was moving so hard and fast to the left the folks who influence Vince's message wanted to push things back and lock down message control so they would retain some sort of credibility for when they really have to try and shape opinions and push their agenda...

Who knows!

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