Too Conservative Suddenly Cuts Out Diverse Commentators, Controls Message

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As many may have already heard, a mini civil war seems to have occurred at the Too Conservative blog. It appears Vince suddenly cut off his fellow contributors and potentially claimed credit for their prior posts under his blog identity. One can speculate that this sudden move was a result of other contributors exhibiting their own viewpoints and failing to march lock-step with Vince’s tabloid style attacks on conservatives (the recent Frederick/Lingamfelter hatchet-job comes to mind). Regardless, the suddenly homeless former contributors used the original blogger website to demonstrate their displeasure at their authoritarian removal and hinted that if Vince continued to pressure them (to get them to vanish from the blogger site as well) they would (according to our limited understanding of the situation) reveal IP address information demonstrating that Vince has also been posting anonymously under various pseudonyms to further his own agenda.

One has to immediately note the irony in the fact that the apparent creator of the “Group B” classification (used to label and attack undesirable conservatives who oppose the moderate/liberal GOP agenda under the auspices that they only care about power and control) has himself swiftly cut out the diverse commentators/members on the TC site and has been potentially using unethical means (posting under various anonymous pseudonyms to make it appear as if they are multiple people) to gain further influence and control.

Whatever the real reason for this split I for one am sad to see the best commentators vanish from the Too Conservative blog… particularly Jay and Riley who always had interesting and substantive posts (I always wanted to learn more about Slugging!) and helped to unite rather than divide Republicans. However hope is not lost as the vanquished commentators have started their own blog, Virginia Virtucon. I look forward to reading it and hope they can soon become members of the ODBA.

Other ODBA bloggers comment on the debacle: Chad comments here, and James Young has even more here.

UPDATE: It appears, via comments on TC, that Vince also purged comments from his blog. Some are arguing that this was to remove comments critical of TC's favorite politicians or his posts. Sounds like they really believe in a "Big Tent" Republican Party over there!

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charles said:

I missed all the back-and-forth which got deleted, glad to see some info here.

If TC was actually driving up his web page numbers using anonymous postings, I wonder how that effects the deal with Google for paid advertising? I don't know, does Google only pay for clicks on the ads?

I note that TC won't link your blog, I wonder if he'll link the new blog.

Sophrosyne said:

Yeah... a lot happened in a few hours so I tried to recap it all as best I could.

TC now links to us in his ODBA blog roll... but he puts the infamous "Group B" designation next to our name. We wear it like a badge of honor!

Wow, take your eyes off the blogs for a few days and all kinds of crazy things can happen... Great overview, Soph-meister!

Sophrosyne said:

Haha, thanks Joe... things have certainly been a bit ridiculous in the Virginia blogosphere as of late.

By the way I love our new and improved "Worst Blog" award e-plaque!

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