Abortion and the 2006 election

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Since abortion has become one of the top issues in the national election coming up in November, social conservatives are doing one of two things either girding up for battle or preparing for a major reversal for their cause (some are doing both). The South Dakota abortion law that would outlaw most abortions (except for ones done to save the life of the mother) has become a rallying point for pro-abortion forces who seek to reframe the issue as an imminent, immediate return to the days before Roe (we wish huh?).

Republicans stand to be thrown out of control of the federal government because of dwindling support for the ongoing disorder in Iraq and the ethics scandals involving congress. The real losers in this debacle are social conservatives who have nearly no allies among the Dems (Bob Casey, Jr., running against Senator Rick Santorum in PA, is the only name that comes to mind). We have sown the seeds of our own possible defeat, but the fall elections are nearly 7 months away so there's more than enough time for the party to prove me wrong.

Here are a couple articles that examine the battle lines:

Townhall takes a look at some recent poll numbers.

Life News examines the religious left's attempt to reform as a political movement.

Also from Life News, Kenny Rogers has a new song that explores the pain that abortion caused on a young man's life.

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