Al Gore Visits South Park

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Hello to all the NOVATownhall readers. Thanks to Joe for inviting me to blog here. I hope I can bring both well informed and mature input to this site.

So…what better way to begin than a blog about South Park? In last night’s episode, Al Gore shows up and leads the South Park gang on a mission to save humanity from “ManBearPig…half man, half bear, half pig.” This spoof on Gore’s crusade against global warming find’s Gore chasing a creature that doesn’t exist while risking lives, claiming credit for things he never did, and just being generally annoying. The running gag response to the question of why anyone pays attention to him: “I feel bad for him…I don’t think he has any friends.”

Personally, I don’t believe global warming is a threat to life on earth. If it even exists, the threat’s been greatly exaggerated. George Will says it better than I could here. Intelligent minds may disagree and debate forever, but I think the bigger issue is Al Gore. Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? Why aren’t the real environmentalists shutting him up? Do they really believe he helps their cause?

Since I am opposed to his position, I suppose I should just sit back and laugh at him. It’s fun.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Al Gore is the "star" of the upcoming movie "An Inconvenient Truth"...a documentary about global warming. I'm guessing the boringness of a documentary on global warming combined with the boringness of Al Gore will result in an extremely poor box office showing.

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Well done, bruthah! You covered one of my favorite topics: half Al Gore, half South Park, and half "global warming".

On the latter, what I have always wondered is, what machines caused all the ice to melt 10,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age?

Singleton said:

Good to have you aboard.

No Relation said:

Thanks. I've enjoyed this site and I'm glad to be a part of it. This will be fun.

Charles said:

Welcome aboard.

David said:

Hmm...Gore's film did really well at the box office, albeit in limited release. And it did very well critically. So, looks like your predictions suck.

Oh, and I want to deeply thank you for your personal opinion about a subject that has an objective scientific truth. Would you also like to tell me your personal opinion on gravity or evolution? 'Cause man, I know reality will reflect whatever personal opinion you espouse, as reality depends on perception (truth is BULL/liberal/too much effort). I think, today, I'll percieve physics so that my car will float after reaching 35 MPH.

Just my personal opinion.

No Relation said:

Al Gore? Is that you?

Serial, that post is like 4 months old.

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