Arrogant State Senate Attempts to Silence Bolling's Leadership Against the Tax-Hike

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Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch has this article discussing liberal Republican Senator Tommy Norment’s arrogant and ridiculous tirade aimed at Lieutenant Governor Bolling simply because of Bolling’s strong defense of Virginia’s taxpayers. The powder-keg erupted because, in Norment’s eyes, Bolling’s public opposition to the Senate’s massive tax-hike plan is some kind of cardinal sin.

As the RTD describes it:

Norment took umbrage with an e-mail Bolling sent to supporters in which he depicted the Senate as the principal obstacle to a deal with the House of Delegates over a $74 billion budget that includes a financial fix for roads and transit.

Norment went on to link Bolling with what Norment described as the "aberrant behavior of the House [which] would fracture the very foundation of the way we do business."

Thankfully Bolling, a 10 year veteran of the State Senate with a long record of fighting for common sense conservative values and fiscal sanity in the liberal Senate, did not stoop to Norment’s level. Rather his response was a fine example of often-lacking Virginia civility while remaining rock-solid in his leadership against the Senate’s massive tax-hike proposal. Here is the coverage of his response to Normant’s raging arrogance:

But [Bolling] said "to suggest I shouldn't speak out is simply wrong. As the lieutenant governor, I have a responsibility to speak out on issues facing Virginia. I will not be silenced."

Bolling said he respects the views of those who favor a tax increase and that they should respect the views of those who oppose one.

"If you want to promote collegiality, it works both ways," Bolling said.

He said he did not mind the tongue-lashing.

"I have a tough skin."

Apparently not content to try and silence only one of the leaders in the fight against their massive tax-hike, Normant also lashed out at Senator Ken Cuccinelli for a fundraising letter attacking Republican Senators for their support of the tax-hike.

I simply cannot believe the egotism of the liberal Republican leadership in the State Senate who want to silence any opposition to their tax hike scheme, and frankly every Virginian should be insulted that these people think they can yet again reach even deeper into the pockets of Virginia’s families despite a massive surplus. Thankfully we have a strong Lieutenant Governor who is willing to stand up to their arrogance.

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LibertyU=GOP said:

Amen, only if all of are gop senators could be like him.

James Young said:

Arrogance?!? From Tommy Norment and John Chichester?!?! Who woulda thunk it?

We're covering this hostage crisis every day over on Virginia Virtucon with a new feature we've come up with called "BLOGLINE -- Virginia Held Hostage"

Sophrosyne said:

Thanks Riley, I am definitely enjoying your coverage!

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