Cline is right!

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Going through the VA papers this morning online, I saw the article over at the Pilot website about Ben Cline's comments stating that the level of taxes in Virginia had an impact on the Ford plant's closure in Norfolk. The first thought that entered my mind was "Amen!" The cost of doing business is directly affected by the level of taxes that a business has to pay.

Kaine jumped all over this comment accusing the delegate of being "irresponsible" and stating that his comments were "devoid of facts." He further accused Cline of trying to score political points by apparently tying the Ford closure to a push for more new taxes for transportation.

It would seem that Kaine is overreacting. Cline never said anything about the current tax impasse and its relation to the Ford closure. The governor is trying to cover his rear as he sits around trying to act busy as Virginia jobs that he claims to be so concerned about head elsewhere.

Will Vehrs over at Commonwealth believes that Delegate Cline should apologize, but I think Delegate Cline should keep it up especially when you consider that the Senate joined the fray first by trying to tie the closing to transportation gridlock. Taxes have been shown consistently to be tied to the cost of doing business and decisions to relocate businesses elsewhere.

My only caution to Delegate Cline and the other delegates would be to be careful to let the Senate get hit for their comments or point to their comments before attacking in the other direction. Given mainstream press bias against them, this may not really help, but it would at least give them better cover.

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NOVA Scout said:

I like Ben Cline, but it's awfully counter-intuitive to track through why Virginia's status as a low-tax jurisdiction would drive out business, unless he's saying that we're not making the necessary investments in transportation and other infrastructure to attract businesses in the future. It's going to take some poliching to get that on a bumper sticker. Generally, absent mismanagement, one would expect low taxes to ATTRACT, not drive away businesses. As has been stated elsewhere, it seems far more likely that Ford just had an old plant that didn't work for them in the current environment. I really doubt that our low taxes drove them away.

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