Democrats realize they are losing on the Life issue

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Via this LifeNews story by Steven Ertelt, we learn the following:

Knowing that polls show Americans taking a pro-life stance on the issue of abortion, Democrats and pro-abortion groups are planning to switch tactics in the 2006 elections and focus on contraception instead…

…According to a news report in The Hill, top Democratic strategists say abortion has become a liability for their candidates in recent years. With polls showing 55 percent of Americans and a good percentage of Democrats are pro-life and oppose all or most abortions, the party needs a new campaign approach.

I'll have more on this issue soon.

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Christina said:

If, instead of parsing abortion as woman versus fetus, maybe they ought to start looking at woman versus abortionist and start cleaning up the abortion industry. It's hard to claim you're pro-woman when you're getting campaign money from George Tiller and Fast Eddie Allred.

Sophrosyne said:


I really like your blog Christina... thanks for commenting here!

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