Fairfax GOP Convention

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Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Fairfax County Republican Committee convention, beginning at 10 a.m. With Chairman Eric Lundberg running for re-election in an uncontested race and only about 140 people filing there doesn't seem to be much to get excited about. There will probably be fewer than 100 people present.

That said, NOVA Townhall has some members who will be there so if anything does happen we'll be sure to share our thoughts. If you'd like to attend the convention it is being held at Falls Church High School (7521 Jaguyar Trail).

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Freddie said:

It's not a definitely uncontested race yet. Nominations for Chairman can be taken from the floor.

We'll have to catch up.

I am about to do a post on it.

Sophrosyne said:

Is someone else going to run? Only a few hours to go, I look forward to seeing what happens!

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