FCRC Has Quiet Convention, Lundberg Re-Elected & 10th District Candidates Speak

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The Fairfax GOP Convention concluded right before noon today. It was a quiet event with only 86 registered delegated attending (The Democrats reportedly had ~600 at their Fairfax convention and they also had uncontested elections). As expected Eric Lundberg was re-elected by unanimous consent, congratulations Mr. Chairman and best of luck in your 2-year term!

The elected officials attending (and speaking) were: Congressmen Wolf and Davis, School Board Member Steve Hunt and State Senator Ken Cuccinelli.

The only interesting part of the convention was then Jim Rich and Heidi Stirrup were both allowed to speak as candidates for Republican 10th Congressional District Chairman. Heidi Stirrup spoke first and gave a very enthusiastic and well-structured speech that was focused on what needed to be done to reinvigorate the flailing and often exclusionary 10th District Committee... she definitely had her act together. Then Jim Rich spoke and it was surprising how poor his speech was. He bounced from topic to topic as if he was unprepared and really didn’t focus on what the committee needed to do to improve and/or his vision for the future. Rich did point out that he thought the 2005 grassroots effort was unprecedented and that many people were making calls from the 10th district using “phones paid for by the committee” or something like that. He went further in his discussion of 2005 and seemingly attacked Jerry Kilgore and his campaign, saying that activists cannot be held responsible if a candidate is unwilling to listen to the people. In describing what candidates need to do to “listen to the people” Rich said that candidates “need to pick up the phone and call Eric Lundberg to learn what is important to Fairfax voters.” Bottom line seemed to be that Rich thought the committee and grassroots were doing just fine (and didn’t share responsibility for any recent failures) and any problems were to be blamed on poor candidates.

Also worth noting was the surprising number of folks wearing Stirrup lapel stickers and her well-organized display. Team Stirrup definitely looked much more focused and organized at the Fairfax convention, which was surprising given previous reports of lack of organization. The 10th District convention in May looks like it might be more interesting than we previously thought.

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Charles said:

Thanks. I read Vincent's report first, and thought Rich wasn't even there. Remember when Vincent put Rich at a meeting casting votes when Rich wasn't there, this was the opposite -- Rich apparently made such a poor impression that Vincent didn't want to mention his name.

Sophrosyne said:

Interesting point.

I have to say I was really suprised at the apparent difference between the two candidates. I did not expect it to be as pronounced.

Not Larry Sabato said:

Umm... first of all Democrats don't have county conventions to elect leadership... and second of all they are lucky to get 50 at FCDC meetings anymore. Who told you that?

Sophrosyne said:

Congressman Davis mentioned it during his convention remarks. Maybe he was talking about some other Democratic event in Fairfax? It seemed like a shocking number at the time given the 86 in attendance.

Thanks forthe info though, and sorry for any confusion or error on my part.

Freddie said:

50 people at a FCDC meeting? What has it been in the past? Why is it so low?

James Young said:

Neither Rich nor a surrogate spoke at the PWC Convention.

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