Gas Shortages in Virginia?

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I had no problem tanking up in McLean today, but I learned of this story via Fox News:

"The situation here is chaotic," said Mike O'Connor, president of the Virginia Petroleum Jobbers Association, which represents gas stations in the state. He said his association is seeking a federal waiver to allow the sale of lower grade gasoline to ease the crunch.

Fuel marketers said there were reports of gasoline stations running out of fuel in areas of Virginia, around Washington D.C., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and parts of Massachusetts.

The U.S. government had warned in recent weeks that gasoline supplies could be disrupted along the East Coast and in Texas as the oil industry shifts to the new anti-smog blend using ethanol.


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Charles said:

WHen you delve into the story deeper, it wasn't really shortages -- it's that the stations have to shut down and "wash" their tanks before putting the summer gas into them.

When they schedule that, they have to stop shipments for a few days, and pump until they run out.

There's usually gas down the street.

Unless of course the news media plays it up as a big "shortage" and everybody goes out and fills up their tanks at the same time.

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