Information & News Relevant to the Virginia Marriage Amendment

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Yesterday was the “Day of Silence” for same-sex marriage advocates, where silent coercion is used (rather than respectful open dialogue) in an attempt to shame those that don’t buy into the declaration that the same-sex lifestyle is healthy, normal, and the equivalent of natural organic relationships and marriages between a men and women. Thus it seems fitting to look at some of the recent news/dialogue relevant to the issue, after all today is the “Day of Truth” where proponents of natural, healthy relationships respectfully and openly discuss their concern with same-sex lifestyles.

First there is Alan Sears article directly discussing the “Day of Silence” and the “Day of Truth.” It is fairly depressing but worth a read. Here is a sample from the article:

[The Day of Silence] is an interesting approach: education through verbal vacuum. Integration through intimidation. Impressionable minds, encouraged to imagine – and be struck dumb by – the injustices perpetrated on fledglings to homosexual behavior by a callous public and the cold constraints of that old-time-religion.

No facts. No studies. No discussion. No presentation of alternative viewpoints. No examination of the possible physical, emotional, or spiritual consequences of homosexual behavior. Just a few hours of propagandistic pouting.

Next, Via Jim Young, I saw this article discussing a lawsuit recently filed to deny state funds to a Baptist college in Kentucky because the school acted on it’s religious beliefs and expelled a student actively engaged in homosexual activity.

Also Via Jim Young I saw that Not John Behan has a great post up discussing marriage and natural law- particularly the effort to place a secondary good above a primary good. An excellent read.

Lastly, Mike Adams has an article on discussing the efforts of homosexual advocates at Georgia Tech, particularly the absurd (not to mention closed-minded and discriminatory) attacks on a student involved in a legal challenge seeking to grant formal recognition of the College Republicans (thus giving them funding and support similar to the homosexual activist group). Here is a taste of the article:

The fact that the gays and their allies a) see themselves as open-minded for supporting a one-sided presentation of gay issues and b) see the Republicans as narrow-minded for supporting a more diverse presentation of viewpoints speaks volumes about both their intellectual prowess and emotional stability.

But pointing out the lack of intelligence and emotional grounding of the Georgia Tech Gay Gestapo isn’t enough to make them angry. The way to really make them mad is to point out their intolerance. Lately, that’s been easy to do.

All of this should again serve as a reminder why it is so important that we get out there and spread the positive news of the Virginia Marriage Amendment and dismiss the highly-funded efforts of those that wish the abolish marriage as we know it and willfully deny children a mother or a father.

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James Young said:

All of these references to me are going to give you a reputation, Sophrosyne.

A good one, to my way of thinking, but others will doubtless disagree.

Sophrosyne said:

What can I say- I read your blog among others and you have interesting content.

Charles said:

SInce he's already got TC's worst blog award, I doubt this will hurt that much......

Sophrosyne said:

Ha- good point!

NoVA Scout said:

I'm not very well funded, I'm very attached to the concept of 1 woman/1 man marriages, and I don't want to deny children the experience of having a mother and father - but I think this amendment is a bad idea.

A lot of these lawsuits by gay activist organizations are completely silly and will not survive summary judgment or other preliminary dispositive motions. None of them makes the proposed amendment to our bill of rights a good idea.

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