Juan's Fireworks, Does Yours?

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(With apologies to kitsch-haven South of the Border).

Buckle up, friends. You're Always A Weiner with today's lesson, 'What the immigrant protest organizers want,' or 'How not to win friends and influence people':

Immigration advocates yesterday announced plans for a 63-city rally on Monday that they hope will attract at least 2 million supporters to protest pending immigration reform legislation and press lawmakers into granting millions of current illegal aliens a path toward permanent residency and U.S. citizenship.

The advocates also called for a nationwide one-day boycott of work, school and shopping May 1 to protest the House and the Senate immigration reform bills.

Calling the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice "a true grass-roots movement," Jaime Contreras, president of the National Capital Immigrant Coalition, said, "We want to announce to the world and our elected officials that we are not criminals, that the sleeping giant that was once sleeping is now awake.

"Enough is enough. We're not here to be used as scapegoats for political campaigns," he said during a press conference yesterday at the U.S. Capitol.

Mr. Gutierrez, whose organization helped coordinate the Los Angeles rally, called a pending Senate bill that would create a guest-worker program and put millions of illegal aliens on track toward permanent residency an "encouraging sign," but described it as too hard on those seeking citizenship.

"We think that the right thing to do is to grant full rights, full equality, under the laws in the Constitution of the United States to all immigrants, period," he said.

Chili Today, Hot Tamale: 'Rights' for illegal residents is a very bold assertion, but then, Juan Jose Gutierrez is a bold man:

"We have an aging white America ... They are dying," Gutierrez said. "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."

A compatriot adds:

What does the immense success of "La Gran Marcha" mean to Mexicanos and other Latinos? It simply means that we now have the numbers, the political will and the organizational skills to direct our own destinies and not be subservient to the White and Jewish power structures.

So...Yo, Virginians! What do you think of YOUR senators' position on this issue? Find out where George Allen and John Warner stand.

Hint: On the face of it, You Never Sausage a pair of shrinking-violet gringos. But maybe there are nuances yahoos like me don't understand.

In any case, if you haven't already done so, Back Up Amigo, you can contact them via this link. Do it this week.


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