Kilgore Speaks Out

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Via Commonwealth Conservative and One Man’s Trash I saw Jeff Schapiro’s RTD article discussing Jerry Kilgore and his thoughts on the current tax-hike brouhaha in Richmond. The blog commentary and Schapiro’s article is great. I particularly enjoyed these comments from Kilgore; I only wish he had been this firm more often during his campaign:

"Heretofore, we could come together on the tax issue and limited government. We've got to stick to our issues or else we become the Democrats."

And in a poke at tax-raising Republicans, he said, "If we continue to govern Democratic-lite, people will decide to elect the real thing."

In many ways the Kilgore-Kaine contest was a textbook example of the Democrat blurring the differences between his candidacy and his conservative opponent’s while the Republican was (often) too worried about offending the stab-you-in-the-back GOP moderates than solidly championing the differences between his candidacy and that of his liberal opponent.

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Norman said:

Thanks for the link.

Email me sometime today (Monday), will ya?

asmith said:

The House can't just try to run over the Governor, he did get 52% of the vote of the citizens. I admit that Tim needs to be more modest like he said in the campaign if he wants to get things done.

Charles R. said:

Sure they can, at least 3% of those people voted for him because he promised not to raise taxes.

Remember Kaine calling kilgore a liar when Kilgore said Kaine would raise taxes.

"You're not fit to be Governor if you make stuff up on this stage".

Well, now we know who was making stuff up on the stage.

"You're not fit to be Governor". I agree with Kaine on this one.

Kaine is not fit to be Governor. Kaine is not worthy to shine Warner's shoes.

Sophrosyne said:

If you get elected based on promises you immediately break it doesn't matter how many citizens voted for you- they voted for ideas you used for political gain only to cast them aside once elected. Tim Kaine should be ashamed.

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