Mexicans migrate to 'their land'?

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We're going to continue the great debate over whether Mexican immigrants are here to seek economic opportunity and eventually to become Americans, or whether they seek to reclaim the land. (Click that link for a good statement of the economic argument from Puft Daddy).

This report from Utah points to the latter:

But in light of the current consternation over immigration, the Harvard-educated diplomat thinks it's applicable to the debate to bring up something he learned while he lived south of the border.

"Mexicans see the Western U.S. as part of Mexico that was stolen from them 150 years ago," he says. "They believe this with all their heart..."

"I was visiting the Museum of National History in Mexico City where I observed a class of perhaps 40 10-year-old school kids sitting on the ground in front of a huge mosaic map that was labeled 'Mexico Integral,' or 'Greater Mexico.' Their teacher expounded on how the Norteamericanos stole half of Mexico in 1847. The map showed Mexico to include Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, most of Idaho, and Oregon and Washington up to the Alaska panhandle..."

"They have an undeclared policy to retake by infiltration what they lost by infiltration," he says, comparing the large numbers of Mexicans currently streaming into U.S. territory to the large numbers of Americans who once poured into then Mexican-held strongholds in Texas, California and elsewhere; Americans who eventually turned their collective might into majority rule.

In other words, they're doing to us what we did to them.

Part of this "infiltration" is remaining fiercely loyal to their Latino culture — including such basics as music, food and, especially, language — while steering clear of becoming "Americanized" to any significant extent.

There has been a failure on Americans' part in communicating the most significant elements of our culture - what it means to be an American and what distinguishes this culture, such as it is, from others, including rule of law, democratic government, laissez-faire economic policies and a multitude of Anglo-Saxon traditions. If we don't make it clear why America works as well as it does, it's easy to get the impression the culture is nothing more than its most crass and visible features: consumerism, moral degradation and intelligence-sapping entertainment of every flavor

We need to close the southern border ASAP. But we also need to do a better job promoting the reasons things are so much better on the northern side of it. Then, at least we can expect an informed response to the question: Do you REALLY want to turn this into a province of Mexico?

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

"Mexicans see the Western U.S. as part of Mexico that was stolen from them 150 years ago," he says. "They believe this with all their heart..."

Those crazy Mexicans, thinking that the Western US used to be part of Mexico until the US took in in a war. Where did they ever come up with such a wacko idea? what a bunch of radicals, READING BOOKS ABOUT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN REAL HISTORY. It was called the Mexican-American War, my poor product of the American educational system

Er...yeah, Puftolicious - I actually was aware of that historical fact. As are many Americans I would guess. The United States won the land in a war.

So maybe that was unjust, right? So now the Mexicans are within their rights to try and take it back? Fine. Turnabout is fair play. The U.S. took the land from them when they lost the war, now the Mexicans are perfectly welcome to try to return the favor. You'll get no argument from me on that point.

From a cosmic perspective, the Mexicans have a right to take back the Western U.S., just like the Boers have a right to take back South Africa, and the Muslims have a right to take back Spain, and the Ottowa have a right to take back Michigan, and the Jews have a right to take back Israel, and the Persians have a right to take back Mesopotamia.

Any group has the right to take any piece of land they can conquer and occupy and keep, historically speaking.

The RELEVANT point, however, is what most Americans think of that. Because that is hardly advertised as what the Mexicans are doing. Quite the opposite, you must admit. Because that would cause the welcome mat to be pulled in pronto.

My point is, if the Mexican immigrants don't plan to assimilate into American culture, let's make sure those cards are laid out on the table.

And to follow up a step further: The ideologists promoting the reconquista (you know, the ones you said might represent 50 people in a crowd of thousands) tend to be espousing ideas that would raise a LOT of eyebrows if more widely circulated.

The Mexica Movement has little use for capitalism, or Christianity, or Western Civilization, or white people, or a number of other cultural artifacts we Europeans have come to take for granted.

Tomato, to-mah-to: It's different histories, that's all. You know, less of Thomas Acquinas at Cologne, more of human sacrifice and cannibalism at Tenochtitlán.

Finally, my personal view is, the immigration problem is a war of sorts.

Scroll through the immigration -related posts here and that theme should be blazingly evident. I even stated it explicitly in the first 'Dispatches' post.

You, my friend, have hit the nail right on the head. And I'm not dismissing your argument - not by any means.

I hope you are able to gather from my conclusion to the above post that I'm well aware of what is happening and I'm not just sputtering in outrage that Mexicans should "dare to encroach" on American soil.

They are coming, without a doubt. If they are not coming to become Americans, but to establish a "Mexica" society, let's all have our eyes wide open to that fact.

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