The Marriage Amendment

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Below is a recent Information Alert from the Family Foundation regarding the Marriage Amendment that will be on the ballot this November. As you can see the Anti-Marriage crowd is extremely well funded and organized. Conservative activists interested in protecting the traditional family and ensuring that our laws encourage healthy committed relationships that provide children with a mother and a father need to step up and support the amendment. We will soon be rolling out a number of posts that examine this issue in depth while looking to see what we can do to ensure that Virginia's children are not denied a mother or a father by the radical alteration of marriage via judicial decree. Check back soon for more.

The Family Foundation Monday, April 10, 2006

Information Alert: Marriage Amendment Opponents Are Well-Funded and Mobilized

On Saturday evening, more than 1,000 people attended a fundraiser in opposition to the marriage amendment. At this event, Equality Virginia announced the Commonwealth Coalition, an anti-marriage response to the campaign, announced last June by The Family Foundation and its many partners. At their event, Equality Virginia raised more than $400,000 toward defeating the amendment. The $400,000 included individual donations of $100,000 from two different families. Their announced goal is $750,000. To date,'s most significant donation is $25,000 and yet our goal is nearly identical to theirs at $730,000.

Although Governor Kaine was unable to attend this event, a letter was read in which he stated that he intends to vote against the amendment. During his campaign, Kaine returned a Family Foundation Action candidate survey stating that he supported the amendment as written. Based on this response, nearly half a million voter guides were distributed. The only thing that has changed since his survey response is that the Governor is no longer a candidate. The Family Foundation Action has and will continue to call attention to Governor Kaine's reversal in an effort to get this story into the public eye.

This boost for those that wish to redefine marriage fell on the heels of my debate last Thursday evening on a central Virginia PBS station where a majority of the callers were clearly hostile to the amendment and to our positive message about marriage. In fact, during the hour-long debate, 15 of 18 callers were critical of traditional marriage. (Unfortunately, supporters of the amendment have told us that they were unable to get through by phone during the show, while one opposition caller got through twice!)

Opponents to marriage are not just well funded and mobilized to call in during debates, they are already going door-to-door around the state to convince people to vote against the amendment. Needless to say, it is becoming increasingly clear that the battle to pass the state constitutional amendment defining marriage will be long and tough.

Clearly, those opposed to traditional marriage are willing to pay whatever price they have to in their effort to defeat the amendment. They are working hard and are well-funded. We must match their intensity and their sacrifice if we are going to win this fight! needs you to volunteer today! We need people to commit time and financial resources. Please contact our marriage project manager today and click here to donate online. We can't wait until Fall to engage in this battle. We need you today!

To read about these events, click below:

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I shall be watching closely. The wording in the amendment is very complex.

Sophrosyne said:

Opponents often try to confuse voters by trumping up the complexity argument and arguing that the amendment would destroy a whole host of contractual relationships unrelated to marriage. We will be examining the validity of this argument with evidence from other states with similarly firm amendments.

charles said:

Since there are no civil unions or gay marriage in virginia today, and since the amendment ONLY speaks to future actions by the legislature, I don't see how it could possibly CHANGE anything.

Is there anybody who opposes civil unions who is objecting to the language in this bill? OR is it just those who support either gay marriage or civil unions that oppose it?

Answer that question, and you'll know the motivation behind this "the amendment is too complicated" movement.

Singleton said:

LG Bolling committed the other night to campaigning for this issue, and we're going to need our other elected Republicans to get into campaign mode if this amendment is going to pass.

Davis said:

Kaine the Holy Man, once again fighting for Catholic principles.

NoVA Scout said:

I would have thought this amendment was almost bullet-proof electorally, although I have no idea why we need it. Now that Bolling is reported ready to do battle for it, it may be a very close contest. Anyone who could run a close statewide race with Leslie Byrne should be able to make this a real contest, instead of a cakewalk.

guy said:

To answer Charles' question: "Is there anybody who opposes civil unions who is objecting to the language in this bill?"

Yes, unmarried straight couples are also against this amendment, since it restricts all privileges of marriage to heterosexual married couples (including protections against domestic violence and contested wills). Ohio recently passed an amendment with nearly the same language. Their courts are already turning away unmarried domestic violence victims seeking protective orders because they believe the cases will be overturned at appeals.

You have to ask yourself: Would I want to vote for an amendment that did nothing but cause trouble for my unmarried daughter?

guy said:

I see the FAQ page disputes the "unintended consequences" argument against the VA Marriage Amendment.

I'm afraid I have to differ. Here's recent evidence to the contrary:

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