Volume 1 - Carnival of What I Just Found

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I'm going to create this new home-based Carnival here at NOVA TownHall, the point of which is to facilitate linking to what other bloggers are saying without me having to create a new entry for each and think of clever titles and prefaces and such.

I feel morally compelled to link to other blogs much more frequently, but I am a lazy, lazy man. This should help expedite the process. So here goes:

Virginia Virtucon has the terrifying report on Virginia Held Hostage to "the radical fundamentalist taxhikers." It's Day One: How long must the ordeal continue? (UPDATE: The saga continues...)

MonkeyWatch, covering the news the establishment media simply cannot handle, ferrets out a feel-good story that just makes you want to find a goat and hug it.

The Llama Butchers has a personal narrative about how liberal institutions turn intelligent people into conservatives.

Two Conservatives blows up the Prince William County buckshot controversy.

Iowahawk has a more entertaining round up than this one, as usual.

BlameBush! laments the egregious injustice in the fact it's a "cinch for heterosexuals to reproduce and practically impossible for same-sex couples to do so."

Spark It Up!!! has great coverage of the recent Virginia Shad Planking.

And finally:

Straight White Guy, as is his wont, illuminates the beauty of simple experiences.

This is Joe, reporting from the blogosphere. Courage!

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We've got days two and three of Virginia Held Hostage up now, too. It gets better as it goes along....

Eric said:

... thanks, Joe... glad you enjoyed it...

Charles said:

Thanks for the mention. I've GOT to get myself some counters to build up my ego so I can keep writing.

Y'all make surfing around feel like a valuable use of time. Thanks right back at ya'.

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