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Our newest addition to this little bullpen of near-genius is No Relation, a very interesting chap (or is it chapette? I'm not telling and you'll have to figure it out) with some fascinating stories to tell and a sensible take on the world. Good to have you here, N.R.!

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a sensible take on the world

from you all..!?

Trying something new are we?

No Relation said:

Make no mistake, TC...you will find out soon enough I'm a "group Ber". I've also graduated high school, no longer live with my parents, and I pay my own bills.

We've met before, by the way.

My goodness, the cruelty of mankind never ceases to amaze me. Oh the humanity, the humanity...

No Relation said:

Nah...we were just foolin'.

I have respect for TC...I just disagree with him on a good number of things.

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