10th District Convention LIVE

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8:45- Wakefield Scool is bustling with activity. The Stirrup campaign has a massive registration tent right next to the valet parking. About 100 people around the registration area... looks like lapel sticker war is about even but I haven't been to the gym (where convention will occur) yet.

The BIG NEWS is that the Rich Bolling endorsement does not exist... TC either was trying to mislead delegates (stealing a play from Rich) or he was just misinformed. Bolling sent a thank you letter to be read to the entire convention but NO endorsement and his staffer says he is neutral.

A pro-marriage amendment resolution passed the commitee after surviving a 4-4 vote to kill it.

9:45- Hall is beginning to fill. looks like a satelitte location will not be needed, which hurts Heidi. Steve Chapman is here with a Stirrup sticker...

10:06- Convention has not started yet. Rich supporters just handed out blue and white pom-poms to wave when he speaks. Crowd looks evenly divided but it is hard to tell. Room is filling up fast, I am a poor judge of crowd size but would say at least 200.

10:09- Rich just started the convention.

10:09- Bolling letter thanking and supporting EVERYONE working in the GOP read. 5 min reccess.

10:26- Jim Fisher beat Susan Volpe (Heidi suporter) for Temporary Chair Convention. Rich is ignoring call for divison and Roberts Rule.

10:30- Calls for divison ignored and "overruled". Heidi suporters are being ignored... tension high.

10:45- Debate over rules... all votes are by voice, calls for division continue to be ignored. Rules have been shoved through. 7 resolutions will be considered later. 3 people are certified as candidates but Delguadio has withdrawn, only 2 finally certified.

11:04- Cuccinelli's aide moves to remove people who gave money to Democrats this year. Voice vote supports but still rule against. Mass chaos as Heidi supporters are ignored. Wolf speaks for Rich durring candidate speeches.

11:27- Candidates spoke, Heidi didn't use her time well and was cut off after 8 min. Balloting has begun.

12:20- Allen, Wolf and Kate Griffin spoke. Now the big results...

12:50- The winner and next Chairman of the 10th District is JIM RICH. By a margin of about 600-400.

That is all of our live coverage, we'll have more after action later. Congrats to Jim Rich.

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Shaun Kenney said:

When the Rules of Order don't apply, why should Heidi's supporters pretend the decorum of the house is being respected?

My oh my, what an embarassing time for the 10th District...

Charles said:

If they ignore division, they will not have a valid election.

I presume they will have a division for the actual balloting.

I don't remember if we had division for the rules approval, I was told we didn't need division on the resolutions.

Why was she cut off after 8 minutes? Weren't the candidates given 10 minutes each? At the PWC convention, both candidates went over, and nobody complained -- our convention wasn't nearly as divisive as people make out our county is.

But it sounds like the 10th district has some real problems under the current leadership.

Charles said:

BTW, I would have voted no to remove delegates who gave money to democrats -- mostly because I strongly doubt the convention would have at their fingertips a complete list of every delegate's donations, so the rule probably couldn't be applied fairly.

Charles said:

When you say Wolf spoke for Rich, does that mean Rich didn't speak, or simply that Rich had Wolf use some of his time?

Both candidates at PWCRC had others speak first for them, which is why both ran over their time.

Charles said:

Do you see Vincent there, and if so what did you do to his wireless connection? He doesn't seem to have a live blog going...... :-)

Charles said:

It's been 20 minutes since you said it was time..

Did TC pull your plug or something?


Charles said:

Good that it wasn't really close.

James Young said:

Correction, Charles: I don't recall anyone speaking for Rich at the PWC Convention.

Boy, those clowns paid homage to Roberts Rules of Order Revised Edition like I pay homage to Rembrant when I paint the garage door.

They should just drop the pretense and say, "Instead of following the 'standard rules for a business meeting,' we're going to adopt the model of 'The Royal Court of Ivan the Terrible.'

Sophrosyne should be back online in a few hours.

Sophrosyne said:

Jim Rich did speak after Wolf...

I hope everyone enjoyed the "live blogging"... it was a bit tricky but we'll only improve as we get more practice.

While I voted for Heidi, I wish Jim Rich all the best and I hope everyone in the 10th district can unite and improve the grassroots voter turnout operation for Wolf and Allen.

10th district delegate said:

Same comment I just put up at TC:

The Bolling letter could never have been construed to have been anything other than a “I can’t be there today” letter.

My favorite moments of the convention were:

George Allen pointing out that the 10th District hq was a log cabin in The Plains.

Jim Rich stating that the other levels of the state party were the reasons why he can’t do his job.

Jim Rich’s puppet chairman denying division motions (which can’t be denied under Robert’s Rules).

Jim Rich failing to thank the lady who had just moved for unanimous support of Mr. Rich.

The 25 minutes I had to wait to get my car out of valet parking since parking lots are so 8th district.

The idiocy of having voting during Congressman Wolf and George Allen’s speeches.

Finally, Warren County is smart enough to know that Jim Rich is an enemy of the conservative movement.

—10th District Delegate

Charles said:

Clarification: at hte PWCRC, both candidates for PWC chairman had other people speak for them.

My previous post was ambiguous.

James Young said:

Charles, I suppose that I understood that after my post. Sadly, can't correct 'em.

James, I think I made the correction you wanted.

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