Baril interview upcoming

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After being the focus of a Not Larry Sabato rant, our interview with Steve Baril this week should be even more interesting. Again, if you have any questions for Steve, just throw them in the comments section. Finally, as a teaser, I got the following quote about how he thought the speech went and the imbroglio over at NLS:

"I thought [the speech] went well. I saw the comment. He misunderstood what I said. Frankly, the argument never occured to me and is inconsistent with my positive message about the campaign."

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Charles said:

Of course he didn't mean anything by it. The other side of the aisle is always hearing the worst meanings for anything they hear, like it's on their mind.

Today's left-wing blow-up over a reference to a Bre'r Rabbit story in the White House Press briefing is just the latest example.

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