UPDATED: Bolling "Support" for Jim Rich Proven False, Comments From Bolling's Chief of Staff

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Only a few hours prior to the 10th District Convention (with no time to validate the claim), Vince published this post titled "Bill Bolling Writes Letter of Support for Jim Rich" over on his blog Too Conservative. In this post Vince said:

In a convention winning move, TC has learned that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has written a letter of support for Jim Rich’s Chairmanship which will be read to the Delegates today...

...Anyone who dismisses him, says he doesn’t have a vision..well two Congressman…and NOW the Lt. Governor have faith in his vision.

Obviously many were skeptical of this apparent attempt to deceive convention delegates. This skepticism was proven well-founded when a Bolling staffer at the convention confirmed that the Lt. Governor was neutral and that he had sent a letter to be read to ALL the delegates at the convention thanking EVERYONE and endorsing or supporting no-one. Well, we now have a quote, directly from Lt. Governor Bolling's Chief of Staff, Randy Marcus.

"Due to personal commitments, Lt Gov Bolling was unable to attend most of the District conventions. In lieu of his attendance, he sent letters to each of the district chairs to read to the convention attendees thanking them for their help during last year's campaign. Lt Gov Bolling did not endorse any of the candidates in the contested chairman races. We congratulate those who won and look forward to working with them to build a better Virginia and Republican Party. We also thank those who did not win for participating in the process." - Randy Marcus, Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

It is unfortunate that Vince continues to cling to the 6am distortion, and we truly hope he was only misled and had no dishonest intentions of his own. Regardless, this quote from Bolling's top aide should clarify the matter once and for all- I see no further need to comment. We here at NOVA TownHall hope both Rich and Stirrup supporters can come together to work openly and honestly to strengthen the 10th District.

UPDATED: We just obtained a copy of the letter Lt. Governor Bolling sent to the 8th Congressional District Convention this past Saturday. Interestingly enough the letter resembles the letter that Jim Rich and his supporters (namely Vince over at Too Conservative) claimed was a sign of "support" for Rich's candidacy... upon closer inspection one will notice that the 8th District letter doesn't simply resemble the letter sent to the 10th District Convention, it is IDENTICAL! The only difference is the letter is addressed to 8th District Chairman Tygh Bailes instead of Jim Rich. Did Bolling "endorse" or "support" Tygh's candidacy as well? Nope... because Tygh wasn't even running for re-election! As if Bolling Chief of Staff Randy Marcus' comments weren't enough... this should serve as the final incontrovertible proof necessary to condemn the worst abuse of truth we saw in the entire fiasco that was the 10th District Convention.

Here is the letter sent to the 8th District Chairman, to be read to all the Delegates:

[We've decided to remove the copies of these letters from the blog page because they were not written by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling with the intention of creating a semi-controversy. We can assure you they are identical letters of greetings and carry no message of campaign support or endorsement for any candidate. Please email us here if you'd like further clarification]

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James Young said:

C'mon, Vince is a propagandist masquerading as objective. At least most of us don't have such pretensions.

I get the sense Vince just wants this whole question to GO AWAY. Can't say I blame him. He ought to admit he was wrong but what the hey, the truth is out, everyone can examine the evidence so the debate is over.

Good work on contacting the original sources, Soph.

Charles said:

Who cases what TC said about this? What I want to know is, did Jim KNOW this wasn't an endorsement letter meant personally for him when he printed up copies and circulated it with his other "endorsements"?

Or was he just clueless that, as District Chair, he would receive letters to be read to the convention, and that he shouldn't take them personally?

Frankly, the letter looks completely personal to me, -- so maybe there was an attachment explaining the letter.

Sophrosyne said:

To my knowledge there was no additional letter or explanation. There was the request that it be read to the entire convention... so I find it VERY hard to believe anyone (Rich, Vince, etc) could believe it was some kind of endorsement of Jim Rich... and Randy Marcus makes this fact crystal clear.

Someone decided to use the Lt. Gov's general letter (sent to ALL district conventions where he couldn't attend) to try and solve Rich's "conservative problem". Pretty dishonest if you ask me... if I was the Lt. Gov I would be pretty fired up.

Oh man, Soph, you have outdone yourself this time...excellent post!

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