Call Sen. John Warner, ask 'Why?'

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(202) 224-2023

Or, use his Web contact form.

[Mailing address: Senator John Warner, 225 RUSSELL SENATE OFFICE BUILDING, WASHINGTON DC 20510]

[Web address:]

(Tag-team hat tip: Donkey Cons and Michelle Malkin.)

Background - Today in the Senate:

An amendment by Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson, defeated 40-55, would have required the Homeland Security Department to certify that U.S. borders are secure and new detention facilities are fully operational before the guest worker and legalization programs could take effect.

Eighteen Republicans voted against the Isakson amendment, while seven Democrats voted for it.

Our own Senator John Warner was one of the GOP votes against.

Now, Senator Warner may have had a perfectly defensible reason for voting against an amendment that seems so utterly NECESSARY, which is why I recommend all Virginians call and "ask why" rather than call and "give him a piece of your mind." But in any case, his office phone needs to ring off the hook.

Isakson said

...anything less than a border security first approach would be "a wink and a nod one more time to those who would come here" unlawfully.

Supporters of the Senate bill said Isakson's approach would derail the approach that President Bush supported in Monday night's speech.

"Derailing" the president's plan should not be our biggest concern at this juncture, I would submit. FIXING it might be the place to start.

My main man, Rep. Tom Tancredo, on the Neil Cavuto program, said we should a 12-foot concrete wall from San Diego to Brownsville at a cost of $500,000 a mile for a total cost of about $1 billion."

That's what I wanted to hear from the president, and that's why I'd like to know why Senator Warner voted against the Isakson amendment.

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Virginian said:

Thankfully, Senator George Allen, unlike John Warner, voted for the Amendment.

Oh, good point - we do need to acknowledge the positives. Sen. Allen is one of Virginia's bright spots of late. Phone callers are finding Warner's office is completely unapologetic about his vote yesterday.

Thanks for the important reminder!

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