Carnival of WIJF: Afghanistan and Immigration

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This is a very special edition of the Carnival, created solely for the purpose of recognizing two blog posts that are in danger of slipping into the abyss before enough people have a chance to read them.

First is by our own No Relation, who wrote this excellent little analysis of the situation in Afghanistan - an area he knows firsthand. I went and unceremoniously dumped five new posts on top of his right after he wrote it and it would be a major shame if everyone did not have the opportunity to hear what this guy knows.

Second is the outstanding Donkey Cons blog with another thorough and entertaining post, this time on the topic of illegal immigration. Robert Stacy McCain, co-author of the Donkey Cons book (Buy Two!) is a great wit but also a great reporter.

Both links earn our highest rating: Well Worth Clicking (tm).

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