Chapman Press Release: "I Will Not Back Down"

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I came home from the 10th District Convention (where Chapman was present and supporting Heidi Stirrup) to find the below had been forwarded to me.

For Immediate Release For more information: Faisal Gill ph. (703) 975-0359


Steve Chapman, 28 year old Manassas businessman, announced his candidacy for the House of Delegates vacancy created by the death of Harry Parrish, before supporters at the Olde Towne Inn Monday night, May 15.

Chapman secured 45% of the Republican primary vote in his 2005 contest with House Finance Committee Chairman Harry Parrish, carrying Manassas Park and the Prince William County precincts in the 50th district. He was the county GOP’s “Republican of the Year” in 2005. After his 2005 race, Chapman worked as a lobbyist for a taxpayer group in Richmond.

Pointing to the attacks he faced in that 2005 contest and his 2004 leadership of a successful campaign against off-track betting in Manassas Park, Chapman told his supporters that they should know that he fights hard for his values and never backs down.

Chapman contrasted his unyielding stances on the right-to-life, taxes, overcrowding and funding for transportation in Northern Virginia, with his “City Council opponent,” referring to Councilman Jackson Miller. Chapman said that Miller had taken a strong stance against overcrowding, only to “bow to pressure from the ACLU and other special interest groups.” Chapman said he worked with Delegate Parrish on a study of “liveable space” revisions to the fire code to reduce the number of persons who could live in the same dwelling.

Chapman also criticized Miller’s vote in late April to raise city property taxes by 9.5%, after campaigning against high taxes. “If you can’t stand the pressure of City Council colleagues, how will you stand up to pressure from the Governor, the State Senate and your House colleagues?”

Chapman described himself as a small business owner for 12 years who knows the burden of taxes and government regulation on businesses and the families of his employees. He promised that the first bill he would introduce would be one to forbid property tax increases exceeding the rate of inflation unless it was adopted by the voters in a referendum. “Some of my employees have had to move further from work because of high taxes on their homes.”

Chapman was endorsed by recently elected Manassas Park Councilwoman Fran Kassinger, Manassas prolife activist Mary Kelly and county Supervisor Corey Stewart. Kassinger was returned to the Park’s Governing Body as an independent candidate, but said that Adam Larson and she were Republicans who ran as independents because they were not permitted to compete for their party’s nomination. She thanked Chapman for his help in the May election, as did representatives of Help Save Herndon, a group that recently swept out the mayor and town council in that community on issues associated with illegal immigration. Kelly told the audience that she had carefully questioned Chapman and that his prolife views were strongly held. Stewart cited Mrs. Kassinger’s endorsement as evidence of Chapman’s broad electoral appeal and independence from “the establishment.”

Chapman, a graduate of Woodbridge High School who started his business at age 16, also faces lawyer Carroll Weimer in the contest for the Republican nomination. Chapman said he expected the nomination to be decided in a convention to be held in June.

So far the only announced Democratic candidate is Manassas Park resident Jeanette Rishell, chairwoman of Unity in the Community. Speaker of the House Bill Howell has not yet called a special election, but is expected to do so soon.


What do you think?

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Greg Letiecq said:

What do I think of this nonsense? Chapman is a disgraceful fool who has the temerity to lie about his association with the resting place for our fallen heroes in order to score political gains (full story on BVBL).

Chapman can has unyielding stances because he has never been trusted to stand for them as a representative. Inexperience and a lack of qualifications are his only strengths.

Sophrosyne said:

It was pretty sad to see him putting his own lit down on the chairs at the 10th district convention... it looked like he didn't have one person (or even a paid staffer) helping him. I'd be stunned if his VCAP lists are so good that he can overcome Miller... he needs grassroots volunteers (and $$$ for paid calls) to turn out the folks on his vaunted VCAP list.

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