Dispatches: Jim Gilchrist (audio) in Washington DC, May 12

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Amidst a very loud, obnoxious backdrop of protesters chanting slogans such as "we don't want your racist lies" and "you forgot your hood," the Minuteman caravan arrived in Washington DC on Friday.

Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist was the featured speaker; these are links to audio of his speech:

Jim Gilchrist in DC, May 12, 2006, broadband

Jim Gilchrist in DC, May 12, 2006, dial-up

Here's a snippet from Gilchrist's speech and a clue about why you should care: (below the fold)

President Bush is going to address immigration in a prime time speech on Monday. As some say, criticism of the GOP is counterproductive because they are the ones in a position to best resolve the issue. If the president does not emphasize border security and a fence, however, he'll gain nothing from the speech. No fence, no glory.

Moreover, if he brings up the "comprehensive" solution and "path to citizenship," he will be in great danger of misreading the concern of his erstwhile "base."

This issue is the key to the realignment currently taking place in the American political parties. It's like 1856 all over again, and everything is about to change.

Here are the highlights from the intro of Gilchrist's speech in DC. The shouting in the background was from the pro-illegal/leftist gathering on the perimeter of the Minuteman event. Watch out, GOP.

The Minuteman Project...is an alternative to political corruption, dereliction of duty, and reckless disregard for the rule of law. And it is also an alternative to anarchy, communism, and the real true segregationists and racists in the country...

I have but one compelling remark for the real racists of the 21st century, those people assembled behind you: Go to hell!

The multi-ethnic Minuteman Project will survive with or without you racist scum!

The U.S Senate is about to shove a veiled amnesty, if not an outright amnesty, for 30 million illegal aliens currently occupying U.S. territory down the throats of 300 million American citizens. Yes the U.S. Senate hears your cry and they feel your angst, and they do not care...

We have what you might refer to as a quasi rogue government, where it's not about us anymore; it's about what they want.

And they've forgotten one very important thing. In the simple brilliance of our founding fathers they knew something like this would happen. Not might happen - would happen. And they guaranteed us an irrevocable right that only God or an anarchist can take away from us. And that is the irrevocable right to self-governance, which is exactly what you see going on right here.

We will win this contest as long as we area a nation still governed under the rule of law. When we are no longer a nation governed under the rule of law, which we may very well see here in a few days with our U.S. Senate, that means we are a nation governed by mob rule. Those kind of mobs.

And remember: They are not assembling to protect their rights. They are assembling to strip of us of our rights. Let us be very clear.

And Mexico is neither a friend nor an ally of the United States. This is a country that has never supported us in any conflict including World War I, including World War II, Vietnam...

They will pass a de facto amnesty which will allow the 30 million illegal aliens currently occupying U.S. territory to stay here, and they should become citizens, and that will be the door that will open the invitation to 120 million to 150 million more illegal aliens coming in here in the next two decades.

It will happen by the year 2025. There will be more illegal aliens unassimilated occupying U.S. territory than we have registered voters. It will happen.

That means, ladies and gentlemen, we are at the cusp of being a nation that is no longer governed by the rule of law. And I plead with the U.S. Senate, for the first time in 40 years, since you opened this Pandora's box, Senators: Please, for once, do the right thing.

If you are not fully up to date on the reason so many people are so angry about this issue, one example is the catch and release policy currently in place.

Since the founding of the Department of Homeland Security, which sought to deter illegal crossings with a show of force, arrests of non-Mexican border crossers have tripled, from 49,545 in 2003 to 155,000 in 2005. But presidents and Congress for 20 years have not shown corresponding support for detention beds, courts, inland enforcement or diplomatic and administrative changes.

As a result, the spike in arrests backfired, because there was no place to put the tens of thousands of new detainees. Overwhelmed immigration courts have been unable to keep up...

Federal statistics show the result, which has enraged border communities. Once arrested and released, the number of illegal immigrants who failed to appear in court more than tripled from 29,550 in 2003 to 97,868 in 2005, or 60 percent of cases, up from 32 percent.

Listen up, President Bush. Please. If you lose the people who are concerned about these matters, you will lose it all in November.

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