Illegal aliens forced to wait in line for MD drivers license

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My rant: Those stinking fascists who run Maryland have sown a bitter harvest indeed:

Immigrants and illegal aliens arrive at the MVA as early as 11 p.m., napping in cars in hopes of seeing an agent when the office opens at 7 a.m. -- an hour and a half before doors open to the general public. When the walk-in process began, some said they returned up to five nights -- skipping school or work -- because agents could not see the hundreds waiting for a limited number of spots.

"It feels like ... discrimination because we are the only people who have to do this," said William Medina, a Salvadoran immigrant on a tourist visa who lives in Oxon Hill...

Last year, CASA sued the MVA, saying among other things its appointment process was discriminatory because it separates foreign-born applicants from the general public.

When you tick off CASA de Maryland, you better know you've gone too far.

A "U.S. drivers license," which as of this writing still includes the Maryland ID, is a ticket to much more than operating a vehicle, including voting, getting credit, establishing residency, and even boarding planes to carry out terrorist attacks if that is one's fancy. Far be it from me to deny such benefits to those who are here illegally. But to make them wait in line is practically un-American.

When I go to DMV, I assume I'll be there long enough to memorize every detail of the ceiling and put a good dent in Crime and Punishment besides. It's a day trip. But I'm a citizen and I have to play by the rules. Imposing similar inconvenience on those who live outside the rules is just plain illogical.

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kevin said:

I'm not trying to start an argument but I think "But they are wrong. I will be here every day because I want to do things the right way and follow the law" is a direct quote from the article. . .

Fed Up In Nova said:

Maryland has Doug Duncan to thank for most of their problems with illegals. He stated in a newspaper article months back "Embrace Illegals".

I can't remember if that was before or after his trip (cost taxpayers $8,000.) to El Salvador to see how he could better understand and help the illegals in Montgomery County.

He is now running for governor. If he wins Maryland will definately be Mexiland.

We don't need a neighbor like that anymore than our neighbor south of the border.

To Kevin:

You are right - my commentary had to do with the overall gist of the article rather than every individual mentioned.

For the record, I have stated here before I think many people here illegally would like to become regular Americans. My biggest problems with illegal immigration are the scale of the influx, the threat to national security of unsecured borders, and those who do not intend to assimilate. Europe is having a BIG problem right now with a second generation of unassimilated immigrants and it is going to get worse.

Thanks for visiting and the corrective note.

Fed Up:

MD is a mess, no doubt about that. My expectations for a "blue" state are, however, pretty low.

Thank you for stopping by!

Kevin said:

To Joe:

Well, I mean that's what rants are for anyways, right? The other issue re: the article is that it seemed that it spoke almost entirely of people who were here legally on work visas and what not (I could only find one sentence referring to illegals). Course those who were illegal may not have wanted to comment. But then those here illegally. . .would they really be in line to register to vote, be documented, etc? That part confused me. Is it really possible for illegal immigrants to actually get licenses, etc.? Seems weird that the article would mention about illegal aliens doing that. But it did sound from the article like the MD govt is doing a good job making sure things get done by the book. Over 1/2 of the immigrants are turned away because they don't have the proper documentation according to the article. It seems like both NOVA and Southern Maryland (really more DC and it's suburbs) are experiencing a large latino influx over the past 20 years. I used to live in Burke for about 15 years (about 10 yrs ago) and I know a lot has changed since then. I could see why this is a particularly salient topic to DC and it's suburbs. As you can probably tell, I'm in Baltimore now because of my job.

I like reading the blog, thanks for having me!

No MAS! said:

I firmly believe the leaders of CASA Maryland should be in JAIL.

They aid and abet illegal immigration. I urge all readers to contact CASA's leaders and tell them America will not tolerate their criminal activity.

Gustavo A Torres
Executive Director
3529 Sheffield Manor Ter
Silver Spring, Md 20904
(301) 890-3846

Dario Muralles
Special Assistant To The Executive Director
4005 Postgate Ter
Silver Spring, Md 20906

Jennifer Freedman
Director Of Development
3405 University Blvd W
Kensington, Md 20895
(301) 942-0757

Maria Cordoba
Takoma Park Day Labor Organizer
8660 Piney Branch Rd
Silver Spring, Md 20901
(301) 439-1861

Eddy Luna
Wheaton Day Labor Organizer
1400 West Hwy
Silver Spring, Md 20910

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