Issues at Patrick Henry College in Loudoun

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Will Vehrs has a post up at Commonwealth Conservative discussing the departure of five PHC professors for supposed restrictions on academic inquiry.

Marc Fisher and the Leesburg Today have more information, found here and here. The Leesburg Today article connects PHC to the local GOP Committee, saying:

Connections to conservatives are available, most locally with Paul Protic, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and director of the government apprenticeship program and instructor at Patrick Henry.

Do these recent issues at PHC have any implications on Loudoun's local political dynamics? Thoughts?

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winconservative said:

The leadership at PHC is "straining at nats" and forgetting the big picture. This type of reasoning by Farris in my opinion is the exact reason for the downfall of "hard conservatism" in Loudon. After reading several points of view on this situation apparently faculty have NO academic freedom and PHC and this is PCH's right as a private institution but it does hurt the conservative cause because conservatives have traditionally prided themselves on the same type of freedom which has been non-existant and PHC. This could potentially have enormous implications for the Loudon GOP. If PHC goes down then Loudon loses a great deal of grassroots with it.

Here is another good link to the situation by Christianity Today which is the most well read magazine by evangelicals.

Sophrosyne said:

Thanks- the Christianity Today article is definitely very helpful in understanding things.

I know PHC had something like 50+ students help the Kilgore campaign- definitely a very real source of volunteers.

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