Jim Rich Likens Conservative 10th District Committee Members to Mao Zedong

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Wow, I never imagined I'd have to post a title like this one. It's hard to imagine that a Chairman of a Republican Congressional District Committee would liken conservative members of his own committee to the murderous Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong. But according to this article originally reported (albeit without commenting on the actual substance) over at TC, 10th District Chairman Jim Rich did just that:

Rich said that there is a group of Republicans that is trying to transform the party into what he compared to the Communist regime of Mao Zedong in China.

What horrible crimes have these conservative party members committed? Well, they committed the apparently unforgivable offense of believing that Republican primaries should be closed to Democratic activists intent on hurting our party; that Republican committees should seriously inform their dues paying members on the organization’s finances; and that Jim Rich has done a poor job as Chairman and thus they supported his opponent in an upcoming legitimate democratic election. This shocking characterization is not only damaging to party unity (which Rich ironically claims he intends to cultivate) but it belittles the many millions who actually suffered under the most murderous dictator in human history.

Did Heidi Stirrup, Rich’s apparently “Maoist” opponent, provide equally slanderous and hostile remarks when interviewed for the story? Of course not, instead she provided lucid comments on the actual reasons why she was running for Chairman and why she should have the support of 10th District delegates:

…She said she wanted to bring accountability to the 10th District Republican Committee. She is a former director at the Christian Coalition and has worked as a political advisor for former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-26-TX). She said the committee needs more transparency, more accountability and that she would like to construct the first budget for the committee. She said an audit needs to be conducted because the finances of the committee have never been revealed in public. She said the committee’s Web page needs to be updated, and that the committee’s meetings need to be moved around the very large 10th Congressional District, which swings as far south as Page County and as far west as Winchester, into Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Currently, she said all committee meetings are held in The Plains, where Rich lives.

She said the GOP must continue promoting its message and accepting new members who have a variety of interests. “We welcome all people that believe in our creed and our principles,” she said.

“The real issues in this campaign are his record of 14 years and the Republican losses we are experiencing at the polls,” she said.

“Under his leadership, the party is simply not keeping up with the advances the Democrats are making, and now that the Democrats have experienced these wins. They are emboldened like never before and will only hasten their march to majority status.”

So, while Rich was whining and tossing out damaging (not to mention ludicrous) comparisons to Red China, Stirrup was providing a positive agenda of reform for the 10th District and holding Rich to task for his piss-poor record as Chairman. We have previously reported on some of Rich’s disturbing campaign tactics, but this one takes the cake.

From a simple organizational standpoint, regardless of ideology, it is clear that the Committee needs Heidi at the helm. In the article Rich did not spell out one positive idea he intends to implement if re-elected. Instead, he chose to level his Mao Zedong smear attacks to distract from the facts… like Hillary Clinton, he has to shout out that he is under attack by some “vast right-wing conspiracy” rather than have a civilized discussion on how to improve the Committee and its grassroots operations.

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Charles said:

I wanted to disagree with you, so I read the article -- surely he said SOMETHING positive.

I came up with this: "He said meetings are held in The Plains because that is where the headquarters are and that the finances are tracked and reported."

He's positive that everything he's doing is perfect, and that nothing needs to change.

He also said:“Everyone knows what we are spending because they get a treasurer’s report at every meeting,”

I wish I knew what the truth was. Since neither candidate would be expected to tell an out-and-out lie, I have to believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Maybe there are reports handed out, but they don't have enough detail to indicate what's going on? Or maybe they've been printed, but someone forgot to hand them out?

Some people must agree with Heidi about the finances, or else she wouldn't have any support.

Sophrosyne said:

My understanding is that there are oral reports at meetings but nothing is handed out on paper.

Shaun Kenney said:

You guys up in the 10th better make those phone calls...

Moderates in Spotsylvania LOVE to compare the conservatives on the committee to Mao. I don't get it, but they do!

Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls...

Shaun, phone calls to... (sorry e mail me if this question is too dumb to answer publicly - I'm new to local politics). Heidi seems like she'd be a great person at the helm.

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