Ken Mehlman, Undoubtedly Under Duress

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I think Ken Mehlman is a good guy, so my heart just breaks for him when I get another e-mail like this:

Dear Joseph,
From obstructing immigration reform to playing politics with our national security to advocating higher taxes and higher gas prices, Democrat hypocrisy knows no bounds.

You won't hear about it in the liberal media, though, so the RNC is turning to grassroots leaders like you to help set the record straight, Joseph.

That's why I need you to make an urgent online contribution of $180, $270, or even $360 to get the word out about the real Democrat record of obstruction and hypocrisy.

Democrats are using every minute parliamentary tactic they can find to obstruct the Bush/Republican agenda for a stronger America. Don't take my word for it, the facts speak for themselves:

- Immigration: Democrats say they want to pass immigration reform. But when the time came for a vote, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats obstructed immigration reform by blocking any amendments to a comprehensive bill. Liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly told his colleagues he would prefer to have the issue for this fall's elections than real border security....


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. We must set the record straight on Democrat hypocrisy if we are to stop the liberal power grab and elect more Republicans in 2006. Please make a secure online contribution of $180, $270, or even $360 to the RNC today. Thank you.

Talk about a whopper, huh?

I can imagine how this comes about:

Assistant: "Mr. Mehlman, another tactical memo from Mr. Rove, code word 'mendacious.'"


Assistant: "If you'd like, I can get him on the line and you two can discuss it..."

Ken: "You heartless bastard, you work for him, don't you?"

Assistant: "I have a family to protect, sir. I have no choice."

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winconservative said:

Is anyone else suprised that Mehlman is still at the helm of the RNC? Lets get Mehlman out and put a real conservative in to replace him. If we don't act now he will probably be in the job through mid-terms. Mehlman and his boys gave a lot of really bad advice last year to the Kilgore campaign. Let's hope he's out of here before his organization loses the entire Congress.

One senses fissures in the party, that's for sure. "Conservative" is now simply one of the wings of the GOP. Thanks for writing.

Charles said:

Mehlman has done a decent job as head of the party. He speaks well, is well-informed on the issues, and comes across very well when compared to the Democrat leader Howard Dean.

I like a soft-spoken leader for the party. It shows a sense of seriousness that Howard Dean lacks.

He's a good person with a thankless task, I agree, and I'm sure he cringes with some of the stuff he has to send out. Thanks for stopping by, Charles.

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