Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint

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On the eve of the holiday weekend, I urge all of you to visit and lend your moral support to this extremely worthy cause.

"For the safety of mankind, this Memorial Day weekend, Public Advocate sets up sobriety checkpoints for the Kennedys."

More, here.

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Sophrosyne said:

Yeah I was just about to post on this, I think it is hillarious. Whatever people think about Eugene this was a great idea.

The video can be found here:

Our Supervisor definitely has a creative mind and rich sense of humor. Moving to Loudoun County was nice, but finding out I was living in the district of the most interesting county supervisor in the country is like icing on the cake.

Sophrosyne said:

Ha- Yeah sadly my Supervisor is as dry as toast. You're a lucky man Joe!

No Relation said:

This event has been postponed until Monday due to the shots fired in the Rayburn building.

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