Live coverage of 10th District Convention

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NOVA TownHall is pleased to announce that we have acquired mobile blogging technology that will enable us to cover unfolding political events in real time. Thus we’ll be posting live on the status of the 10th District Convention tomorrow.

We may also post some photos, but only in the event of fisticuffs or other unexpected excitement.

Check back often for live in-the-field coverage of one Northern Virginia's hottest political events.

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winconservative said:

This blogging could be very essential since the delegates will be separated all day per the wishes of Jim Rich.

Yes, I will be interested in seeing how that plays out. I'm going to be sure and get there early so I don't end up in the field house or wherever the overflow is.

winconservative said:


Do you know the exact details of the convention arrangement? Will seating be first come first serve?I heard the overflow will be put outside in a tent with possible speakers.

Greg Letiecq said:

Sounds great, but any idea how good the internet/network connectivity will be there?

Sophrosyne said:

This is so ridiculous...why can't we have an inclusive party that doesn't plan conventions in small cramped venues (conveniently a few miles from the Chairman's house)? Not exactly a good growth policy.

winconservative said:

I have a feeling we will not need much overflow because it will probably be poorly attended. But if all the registered delegates do show up then Rich could be in really hot water. He will have to explain the total lack of organization.

Win, no I don't have any direct knowledge of what the pooh-bahs have planned. Someone told me getting there early is better and the remote location would be "overflow." That makes me think it's first come first served.

Sophrosyne said:

That's what I heard too. I hope to be there bright and early!

I didn't hear that...

you all will see tomorrow.

Youll have to come see me, if you recognize me.

Ill be live blogging some too.

Cool. I'll be the one wearing the camo jacket, Ollie North t-shirt, tactical pants, and chewing on a cigar. Like all good Virginia conservatives. Look forward to meeting you, Vince.

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