Memorial Day 2006, DC Tour

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Perhaps for this Memorial Day you did not have the opportunity to tour Washington DC to view firsthand the monuments and historical relics that give this holiday its significance. Well, you didn't have to, because Cathouse Chat did.

Go read and view her travelogue now. Whether or not you've done the DC thing, you will appreciate this excellent annotated tour.

Thanks, CC - great job

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Romeocat said:

Joe, thanks for the trackback and the very kind and gracious words!

However, one little "oopsie" - the link is broken :-(

-- R'cat

(Oh, BTW, R'cat is a girl, LOL!)

Romeocat said:

Hum. Fast work - all better now!

Again, thank you very much!

-- R'cat

Good, post is all cleared up, and good to have the gender issue cleared up as well. Gotta love those conservative women...

Romeocat said:

LOL, hey, we conservative women love smart, savvy conservative men right back!


-- R'cat

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