Mexico's Immigration Policy

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Spank That Donkey has an interesting blog up about Mexico's Constitutional policies against immigrants and naturalized citizens. His source is the research of J. Michael Waller at the Center for Security policy. To summarize, immigrants to Mexico have no constitutional rights and can be expelled for any reason without due process.

Contrast that with Mexican President Vicente Fox's position on Mexicans who are illegally working in the US:

We want to regularize their situation so that they can be here without having to hide away, without having to have their rights violated, and that they would have a status of regularization that will permit them to have all the rights, and keep on working hard, and at the same time go back and forth to Mexico.

-Vicente Fox, in an interview with Jim Lehrer

Ummm...Mr. Fox, Sir...If you were to worry less about my country's policies, and more about yours, maybe Mexico wouldn't be such a terrible place that your citizens flee en mass.

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Great find on Vincente Fox comments on how we should treat his citizens!!! It's crazy isn't it??? Thanks for the link!!! :-)

No Relation said:

It is crazy. Fox has been pushing this issue big time and I didn't have to look far to find a good sample of his comments.

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