More 10th District Convention Coverage

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Journalist (and 10th District Delegate) Richard Falknor has this article discussing last week's 10th District Convention. Here is some of what he had to say:

What was unusual was that the final “weighted vote” was around 61 percent for Rich to 39 percent for Stirrup. (The weighted vote is derived from a formula based on the combined Republican vote in the prior presidential and gubernatorial election percentages for the locality.) In vote-rich Loudoun County, Stirrup received nearly 45 percent of the weighted vote. This meant that in this very-fast-growing jurisdiction, close to one half of the weighted vote ignored veteran Frank Wolf’s oft-stated choice for District chair - - - substituting their judgment on the matter for his...

...Smart, classy, and appealing, Stirrup would have been a safer choice for Wolf to energize the Tenth District center-right for next November. But the network which assembled around her campaign will hardly disappear - - - and may well be a new beacon for the conservative grass-roots in the Tenth District.

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Shaun Kenney said:

To be very honest, most conventions have weighted votes according to how the localities voted in the gubernatorial and presidential elections.

Voters within a locality get "weighted" according to strength.

So for instance, in Fredericksburg City (which goes 2-1 Democrat) your votes would sometimes be fractions of a vote. Whereas in Spotsylvania and Stafford (2-1 GOP), votes counted for 2 or sometimes as high as 3 votes -- these are all 1st District comparison, of course.

This is just the way conventions work. The good news is that Heidi won't be going anywhere.

Sophrosyne said:

Absolutely... I don't think anyone disagreed with the weighted voting system, it was just interesting to see how the numbers played out.

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