Our Gang in the Senate blows it

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[UPDATE: To be fair, I must note that Brett M. Kavanaugh won Senate confirmation as an appeals court judge despite the initial Democratic filibuster. So Senator Bill Frist was no 'sucker' on that count as implied below. I apologize for that. I don't apologize, however, for stating that Mr. Frist's vote in favor of S.2611 was the end of his 2008 presidential hopes.]

Anybody else watch CSPAN last night between about 5:30 and 6:45 pm? I wish I would have thought to tape it because I think it marked a turning point in American political history, and a semi-amusing lesson in just how hapless our national Republican leadership continues to be.

If you didn't happen to see it, I'm sure you've already read about last night's near-criminal immigration legislation passed by the Senate with the assistance of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's vote.

The Senate yesterday easily approved an immigration bill that allows 10 million illegal aliens to become citizens, doubles the flow of legal immigration each year and will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $54 billion over the next 10 years.

I left the following comment on Senator Frist's blog. (Kudos to Senator Frist for having a blog. Technology in itself, however, is obviously not enough to make an individual "savvy.")

(Hmm, I don't know what made me think of this: below, Alfalfa and Elizabeth Taylor in "There's One Born Every Minute")

Anyway, here is my note to Alfalfa Senator Frist:
(below the fold)

I respectfully suggest, sir, that you forget about 2008.

20,000 beds will hold at best a couple weeks' worth of apprehended illegal aliens, then it's catch and release time again. And if this monstrosity of a bill is signed into law by the president, the influx across our southern border will grow from a torrent to an out and out flood, as has happened in the past when the U.S. government granted amnesty to illegal immigrants.

3.000 National Guard troops will give support to the Border Patrol, sure: But the Border Patrol doesn't need SUPPORT. They only have a couple hundred "support" positions now that will be freed up when the Guard arrives. They need the flood of economic migrants to STOP and they need funding for a lot more Border Patrol agents.

And your section of fence, while needed, AIN'T UP YET, yet you're going to grant amnesty to illegal aliens NOW? Don't you see the problem there, sir? While the federal government goes into motion developing an RFP and talking with Lockheed Martin or Raytheon or Halliburton or whomever, the mass migration across our southern border will continue.

I suggest you skim some of our reports here.

On second thought, forget it. You must have all the information we do.

The political machinations required to make things happen in the Senate are, I know, beyond the imagination of most of us who observe.

But you'll have trouble, big trouble, trying to convince any of us we did not see what we saw last night. A) The Republican-led Senate votes for a horrible, expensive amnesty bill that pays lip service to border security; and B) The Senate Democrats IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARD launch a successful filibuster of President Bush's nominee to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, Brett M. Kavanaugh.

In terms of political machinations, sir, I think that particular machination is known as "getting played."

I congratulate you for having a blog which invites critical comments such as this one. Also, I thank you for all of the good things you have done as Senate Majority Leader and as a physician.

Yesterday just happened to be not such a great day, in your career and in the current era of Republican governance - and era which because of yesterday's vote may well be entering its twilight phase.

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No Relation said:

It appears they have taken down your comment, Joe.

Heh, yeah I noticed that. It's sort of surprising because they have left a lot of very critical comments up; maybe this struck too close to home...

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