Patrick Kennedy Wrecks His Car

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Upholding his fine family's tradition, NPR reported today that US Congressman Patrick Kennedy drove his car into a road barrier in DC on Thursday morning. First responding police described him as "staggering". Then senior police took over the investigation, gave him a ride home, and never gave him a breathalizer or a sobriety test.

A Kennedy spokesman said there was no alcohol involved and blamed his condition on prescription medication.

Yeah right.

UPDATE: NPR is now reporting there are witnesses who saw Kennedy drinking that night. Surprise Surprise.

UPDATE II: Kennedy enters rehab. This is the part where all the people who were going to back him even if he turned out to be the Antichrist will say "Oh he's soooo brave and honest and courageous." Bleh.

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Freddie said:

The Kennedy family has scandals almost as often as Jim Moran.

I wonder if anyone in America has any doubt at all what really happened last night.

No Relation said:

I suppose not, Joe. Anything we could say is futile, if Patty's father is still getting re-elected all these times after Chappaquidick.

Pat Clifford said:

The real sin here is not Pat's, it's the police who are willing to cover it up and our lawmakers who toletate their behavion.

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