Jim Rich Confuses Convention Delegates to Boost his Own Campaign

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Incumbent Jim Rich clearly has the edge in the upcoming race for 10th District GOP Chairman, in large part due to his own arrogant maneuvering. It was reported a few weeks back that Rich had been fighting (successfully) to keep the convention at a more exclusive and expensive venue that would restrict attendance and participation in order to better his chances of maintaining his hold on the chairmanship. Then there was the Fairfax GOP convention where Heidi Stirrup appeared well organized compared to Rich, who seemed blame candidates for any past failures while burying his head in the sand and refusing to accept the need for improvement within the 10th District Committee.

Well now Jim Rich has mailed a confusing “save the date” card to all registered Fairfax delegates (and possibly all delegates throughout the 10th). This card (pictured above) clearly says “Thank you for filing to be a Delegate to the 10th District Republican Convention for JIM RICH” in big bold letters across the top. Of course many, if not all, of the recipients of this mailer did no such thing since delegates were not registered in support of any specific candidate. This arrogant presumption of support is a deliberate attempt to confuse delegates into believing they have somehow already committed to support Jim Rich, thus boosting his support due to confusion.

When this race began we all head the rumors and allegations that Jim Rich was the reason there was not a transparent and vibrant 10th District Committee… well this campaign has certainly cast aside any doubt that Jim Rich is what Vince would call a “Group B” Republican- bent on gaining and maintaining personal power whatever the cost. We can only hope he is Chairman-Emeritus come May 20th.

UPDATED: In seeing this post (thanks for the link!) I see that I forgot to mention Jim Rich's interesting "support" of the Marriage Amendment at State Central, despite the fact he wasn't even there. Shaun Kenney has the details.

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Greg Letiecq said:


Not like you really needed any additional reasons for doing so...

Sophrosyne said:

Oh don't worry... she has now fully secured my vote. And it isn't just an anti-Rich vote, she was very impressive at the FCRC convention and I enjoyed meeting her. Heidi would do great things as 10th CD Chair.

Nice try on this.

Heidi Stirrup is a backstabber, and an outright liar.

She has lied about the committee being in debt, and lied about Rich being a pro-taxer.

This mailer wasn't sent out to everyone, but only people the Rich campaign thought were supporters...obviously they got you wrong...but it wasn't sent out to everyone to mislead them.

Unlike TC, you all don't check with 2 sources do ya?

GOPHokie said:

Jim Rich is what Vince would call a “Group B” Republican- bent on gaining and maintaining personal power whatever the cost

I guess Heidi Stirrup has no alterior motives in her run either does she :)

Charles said:

Heidi Stirrup is NOT an "outright liar", and I'm surprised Too Conservative continues to repeat that lie even though he has been corrected repeatedly.

Her personality is not that of a 'backstabber' either, although any person on the face of the earth has SOMETHING they have done which would earn that name.

For example, Too Conservative got a bunch of people to help him build up his blog, and when it suited his purpose, he cut them all off saying he wanted to blog all by himself. That certainly would be considered by some to be "backstabbing".

That he now has other people blogging with him from time to time doesn't make his position look any less spiteful.

But I wouldn't call Too Conservative a "backstabber", because calling people names is so, well, "B-type".

Charles said:

To save TC the trouble -- his so-called "lie" is that she used the word "debt" to describe what it turns out was simply a "deficit".

We never came to agreement on why -- some believed she misread the negative sign on a report (which showed that the committee had spent more than it took in for the year) and thought it was the bank balance, while others just thought it was a case of sloppy word-play.

If I had a nickle for every time a member of the united states congress used the word "debt" when they meant "deficit", I could pay of many people's debts.

The real question is, would TC call Jim Rich a liar for saying that there was no way to get a bigger place to have the meeting, when it turns out there was.

Most would just call that ignorance unless they had proof of knowledge.

I don't like the word "liar", it generally implies knowledge of what another person is thinking. And as good as TC's sources are, they can't read people's minds.

James Young said:

GOPHokie, Jim Rich is not what Vince would call a "Group B" type. You're presuming that Vince has an objective standard, when of course, the only standard he applies is that anyone he doesn't like is in "Group B."

bill said:

Agreed on the definition of Group B, Jim!

TC- they sent the postcard to those they 'thought' were supporting him? That's still very very arrogant (ie. instead of ASKING for support).

Sophrosyne said:

TC, we actually have heard from four different Stirrup supporters in Fairfax who received the card from Rich thanking them for registering to support Jim Rich as a delegate (of course there is no such thing since registration for a candidate is not possible in Fairfax). Thus I don’t buy your argument that this was some kind of simple mistake. How you can defend such a deliberate attempt to confuse people (some of whom are new committee members and are understandably turned off by this) is beyond me. How you can defend it and then call Heidi a liar because she used the term debt instead of deficit when discussing the fact that under Rich’s leadership the committee has not issued written financial reports as it should, is even more difficult to understand.

While I was skeptical of Rich from the start I truly approached this race with an open mind, willing to be convinced why Rich has earned his re-election despite dwindling organization within the committee and permeation of a secretive and exclusive culture. But Rich’s antics during the campaign alone are enough to demonstrate why he doesn’t deserve to continue as Chairman. I just hope his arrogant efforts to limit convention participation (by forcing the committee to hold the convention in a small and relatively inaccessible venue) and confuse registered delegates (as is the case with this mailer) don’t succeed in increasing his chances of re-election. The 10th District needs innovative and honest leadership- not leadership that deliberately mails confusing literature to convention delegates in an effort to advance their own personal agenda.

GOPHokie said:

I know what you're saying JY.
I was just pointing out that Heidi Stirrup is using this race for her husband's personal gain too.
Jim Rich isnt the only power grabber here.

Sophrosyne said:

But Heidi isn't mailing dishonest and confusing information to delegates or fighting to restrict participation at the convention.

Sure everyone has their own agenda, but not everyone uses shameful tactics to fight to advance it (and willfully hurting the greater good of the organization in the process).

Big difference.

Great post, Soph. I've talked to Heidi a couple times now and I'm impressed with her.

James Young said:

GOPHokie, that's Vince's spin; it has little to do with the truth. Running for 10th CD Chairman to advantage John would be a very stupid reason to do so, and Heidi is anything but stupid.

I became convinced that Jim Rich was a disgrace in 1994, when he spearheaded the attempt to remove the duly elected RPV Chairman, Pat McSweeney, at the behest of George Allen. I was actually at the State Central Committee meeting, carrying a proxy, and heard the ... let us say ... "disingenuous" statements he made about McSweeney. Whatever Rich's politics --- I don't know his ideology --- that kind of untruthfulness has no place in politics. At least, in GOP politics.

GOPHokie said:

I dont really care who wins anyway to be honest.
I just know Frank Wolf wants Rich to be Chairman, so I dont see why everyone wants him gone.
Also, what has he messed up?
Are you guys blaming him for Craddock, Black and Staton losing?

These people are sensless GOPHokie.

I just did a post on my site asking them to stop lying.

Greg Letiecq said:

Vince, I saw that post during the brief period you left it up, and I commend you for holding off and thinking a bit.

I think I'm going to go re-read Andy Harrover's post and get my head on straight before I comment more on this, and hope it helps. It should.

Charles said:

Clarification: I wasn't saying TC WAS a backstabber, I was making the point that it was easy to find things to justify a charge of "backstabbing" -- I don't like using words like that which make more heat than light.

I also don't see this as a truly dirty trick. I don't necessarily believe it was a simple mistake (although I've gotten enough democrat requests for money to understand mailing lists aren't accurate). But a candidate suggesting people should support him, or even telling them they already support him, doesn't seem that aggregious an offence in a political campaign.

If someone was going to vote for Heidi, but can't remember that and this postcard makes them think they were voting for Jim, well, that would suggest a lack of intelligence I would fear if I thought it true.

I'd have a better opinion of Jim Rich if he had bothered to show up at the convention I attended and given a speech. But since I'm not in the 10th, I'll stick to defending people I know and respect from scurrilous accusations.

Sophrosyne said:

Thankfully this race will be over soon. I just hope I am not one of the many delegates who can't get into the convention because of Rich's selection of a restrictive venue... The GOP should be fighting to include more Republicans in the process, not exclude and confuse them.

Better show up early!

And Charles, I agree the dishonest mailer won't necessary make someone think they should support Rich instead of Heidi... rather I think (as a few of the four who have recieved the mailer thought) some may think they registered "wrong" and can no longer vote for Heidi thus they won't show up. I hope I am wrong and there is no real impact.

No Relation said:

So...TC has found a "Heidi" he doesn't like?

Shaun Kenney said:

The trifecta is complete:

(1) False ads
(2) False support at SSC
(3) TC's endorsement of against Stirrup.

That's all a conservative needs to know about why they should support Heidi.

How can I help?


You're just clueless sometimes, it's quite amusing.

This was not sent out to be misleading...I KNOW it wasn't...

You all need to get your facts right on this.

Sophrosyne said:

TC- Facts? We have a photo of one of the mailers (sent to a Stirrup supporter) dishonestly stating: "Thank you for filing to be a Delegate to the 10th District Republican Convention for JIM RICH”... which of course is patently false since nobody registers FOR a candidate- rather it is an attempt to confuse and suppress Stirrup voters.

That is a fact. You may "know" whatever Jim Rich tells you, but frankly given his recent maneuvering that means very little to anyone interested in facts or truth. You can spin it all you want but this campaign alone has proven Jim Rich is not fit to serve as 10th District Chairman. Sadly I think his exclusive efforts may succeed in getting him reelected, but I certainly hope not.

Shaun- Not sure what you can do to help since you’re outside of the 10th district… I’d say simply spreading the word is the best option right now. We hope to have Heidi come and do an interview or live-blog with us although we haven’t set that up yet.

anon said:

Vince/"Too Conservative" is an idiot. He claims to be a conservative, yet always sides with the moderate/liberal factions of the republican party.

Nothing he says should ever be taken seriously. He is a joke!

Shaun Kenney said:

Sophrosyne, I have plenty of inside baseball for you regarding the race in the 10th.

Vince, I've tried warning you in the past about the folks feeding you information... all I can do is counsel and advise. *shurgs* As for the namecalling, I refer you to your post just days ago condemning that sort of high-school nonsense. :)

Sophrosyne said:

Shaun- I'd love to hear more, you can email me at sophrosyneva[at]gmail.com.

James Young said:

Anon 4:24 -- He may be "a joke," but he's a well-read "joke."

Anonymous said:

Is there any question why the Ffx Board has the composition it does and why Kaine did so well in Ffx last fall?

novamiddleman said:

wowsers I don't care what you call me just make sure you vote republican haha

A. Anon, II said:

You right wingers need to take a chill pill. You're just needlessy raising your blood pressure and shortening your lives. The overblown reaction to Rich's 2nd at SCC that wasn't and now the reaction to this mailer shows you all are just grabbing at straws to make a dent. Ah, the bitter taste of defeat once again for the GOP "please, let's keep losing seats" movement.

Shaun, maybe you can have VCAP come to save the day for Heidi. That'd be a surefire way to seal the win for Rich.

Sophrosyne said:

Ha- funny guy.

I just think it is amusing that the so called "moderates" take serious offense when a Republican Committee enforces party loyalty and doesn’t allow folks who savaged and attacked Republican general election candidates (who were nominated and thus had won the primary) and are unwilling to repent join the committee… yet it is apparently a non-issue when a fellow “moderate” arbitrarily places the committee’s convention in a small and secluded venue to limit participation while simultaneously sending out deceitful mailers designed to suppress the conservative vote. The hypocrisy is astonishing.

I suppose one shouldn’t expect consistency from folks who are already so willing to abandon the GOP’s core principles of fiscal responsibility, life, and family/marriage.

Caty Tota said:

You guys are the 34355 best, thanks so much for the help.

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