Thank you, Senators Warner and Frist

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Activists for Aliens Hail Vote in Senate

Local immigration advocates say the weeks of marching, rallying, lobbying and boycotting paid off Thursday when the Senate passed a bill that would extend citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

"A lot of the people who marched were undocumented immigrants, but there were a lot of people who weren't, [including] legal citizens of different cultures, not just Latinos," says Prince George's County Council member Will Campos, a Democrat. "I think [the Senate] looked at that and realized that something needs to be done."

Jaime Contreras, president of the National Capital Immigrant Coalition (NCIC), agrees: "Before we had these rallies ... we were just talking about how to stop [the House's enforcement bill]. Now we think we actually have a chance of getting a good bill out of Congress."

No further comment required. Except: When's the next opportunity to vote against any of these nitwit senators.

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Moderate 5-19 said:

Can someone please wake me up; I’m having a moderate’s nightmare. I’m actually upset with Chuck Hagel, Susan Collins, John Warner, Evan Byah and other middle of the road Senators from both sides of the aisle; Senators who I usually admire for their thoughtful non reactionary responses. On this issue I am forced to be in agreement with George Allen, Saxby Chambliss, Rick Santorium and Jeff Sessions.

What next, snow in June, President Bush forming a cohesive sentence on his own, Hillary Clinton becoming president; Please SOMEONE WAKE ME NOW. I don’t want to stay in this nightmare where extremist rule.

I know, I know: Cats and dogs living together...etc.

It just goes to show we extremists can demonstrate good sense on rare occasions.

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