The Democrats' Biggest Challenge

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It is that so many of their highest-profile leaders are such unbelievably transparent lying idiots.

He said he was "carbon neutral" himself and he tried to offset any plane flight or car journey by "purchasing verifiable reductions in CO2 elsewhere".

Goodness gracious, they ARE good for entertainment value, though.

Last week I clubbed 7 baby harp seals to death and roasted a bald eagle for dinner, but I tried to offset that by purchasing verifiable reductions in cruelty to animals elsewhere. Also, I dumped three gallons of used motor oil down the storm drain, but I tried to offset THAT by purchasing verifiable reductions in pollution elsewhere. So, me with my periodic ecological excesses and Al Gore with his private jets and SUVs, we're both doing pretty good for the Earth I'd have to say, on account of purchasing those really great reductions elsewhere.

I'm gonna go purchase about forty reductions elsewhere this morning, in fact, because tomorrow I have a bunch of trash to incinerate out by the Blue Ridge and that usually means burning an entire mountain or two, if the wind gets out of control.

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No Relation said:

In Bernard Goldberg's most recent book, he points out that a single cross-country flight in a private jet puts out more greenhouse gases than an SUV does in a year.

Al Gore will forever be nothing but a joke.

I think it might be appropriate to highlight that point from Goldberg's book now that the father of the Internet is on his PR tour.

Yet there is still such widespread support for Gore on the Left!

I guarantee, this time around National Review will NOT be running a cover that says "Please nominate this man."

You're such a smart**s. I love it.

Thanks, Jerry, it's always good to meet someone else who appreciates cold, hard logic. We've added you to the blogroll.

charles R. said:

Isn't that just like the Rich, buying their way out of making real sacrifices.

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