Virginia 10th District Convention report, pt 4

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The Convention finally got started a little after 10:05 am, and as a first-timer I have to tell you it was quite exhilarating to be in a room full of cheerful Republicans on this spectacular, sunny day in the mountains.


With the last notes of the Star Spangled Banner still lingering in our ears, however, a lightning-bolt was about to shatter our world and perhaps none of us will ever be the same.

(Continued below the fold)

The Bolling Letter Arrives!!!!

Here's how it all went down. I'm standing in the back of the room when the announcement comes over the speakers: " ... a letter from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling!"

A buzz blasted though the audience like 1,000 12-gauge shotguns fired in unison. Arch-conservative Bill Bolling is endorsing Jim Rich! Cut the anchor line, boys and hoist the sails: This ship is goin' to sea and she ain't coming back!

I happened to look down at a table of literature and sure enough, there it is. Right next to a stack of photocopied endorsement letters from Randy Forbes was a stack of (obviously hastily) reproduced letters from Bill Bolling.


As the letter was read, I couldn't help but notice the crowd's rapt, almost electrified state of shock.


But - wait a minute ... .electrified people don't nod off and drool, do they? I looked a little closer and - can you believe it - these people were falling asleep! What gives?

Staggering around like a zombie, trying to shoot photos, I had not listened to the actual words in the letter at all! So I rushed to the back of the room and picked up a copy and read it ...

Whoops! Unfortunately the Bolling Letter turned out NOT to be an endorsement after all, but rather a note from Bill saying he regretted he would not able to attend, and noting his wife had picked him up a pint of nightcrawlers so he was heading out to the lake.

Now, it was a "letter of support," I will candidly admit ... in the sense that Bill Bolling thanked Jim Rich for Rich's support, and encouraged Rich to support George Allen and Frank Wolf. Bolling also concluded by saying "Thank you for everything you do for our party, our Commonwealth and our country."

I'm positive I could send Bill Bolling a letter tomorrow noting I'm a Virginia Republican semi-activist, and he would reply with a letter containing that exact same concluding sentence.

But don't take my word for it: Read the letter yourself. Yes, here for the first time, NOVA TownHall reveals that we have obtained an actual copy of the letter, stealthily procured from the stack of 500 that was sitting in a big pile adjacent to the doughnuts and coffee - AND WE WILL SHOW IT TO YOU NOW!!


Once you've caught your breath, I hope you will continue reading the subsequent chapters in this amazing, amazing chain of events.


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Sophrosyne said:

Thanks for posting this Joe! Maybe now folks can see the straight truth... not to mention the fact that the Bolling staffer who delivered the letter said the LG did NOT endorse Rich and was NEUTRAL in the race... but let's not let the facts get in the way here...

It seems pretty obvious someone in the Rich campaign realized they should request a letter from the highest- ranking Republican in the state government, and this is what they got in return. Bolling did a good job choosing his words carefully; it would've been easy just to say "best wishes on a successful convention."

Charles said:

The Nagin supporters are booing Governor Blanco. (Nagan just gave his victory speech).

OK -- I see the problem. Some people see the "Dear Jim", and naturally assume the letter was sent to Jim, and is a personal letter to him.

They then assume that the letter is a public endorsement of Jim, since it says "I hope you will join me" -- and they assume he could only "join" Bolling if he was still the chair.

My personal opinion is that this was a private e-mail, apologizing for not being able to show up.

Further speculating based on Soph's first-hand interview with Bolling's staff person, I bet Rich ASKED BOLLING to come be at his side to prove how conservative Rich was, and this was Bolling's way of "graciously' declining to give Rich any advantage against another candidate who endorsed him and raised money for him.

We'll never know, Bolling has no reason to reveal that now, and a lot of reasons NOT to, because there's no point in embarrasing Rich for his "faux paux", assuming it WAS one.

I think I'll post this over at TC, and watch Vincent's head explode.

bobby said:

Why would Bolling send that and create a misperception??

I'm a little disappointed he did that.

"I bet Rich ASKED BOLLING to come be at his side to prove how conservative Rich was, and this was Bolling's way of "graciously' declining to give Rich any advantage against another candidate who endorsed him and raised money for him."

--I think this is the simplest and most plausible explanation. Occam's razor and all that.

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